What does The Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort offer in its package that covers almost everything?

The Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort provides an ” All Inclusive” option designed to meet the diverse needs of guests especially those seeking both luxury and convenience during their vacation. It’s worth mentioning that you can’t book this Package directly on the hotels website; instead it’s only accessible, through Canadian travel agencies. This special package has piqued the interest of prospective guests sparking conversations, about the dining options, which also encompass alcoholic beverages and additional perks.

What Alcohol is Included in the Package?

At The Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort the Package offers a selection of alcoholic drinks. Based on details collected from sources, such, as menus available online visitors should anticipate being able to enjoy affordable yet high quality brands. For example, the wine included in the Package is of decent quality, comparable to a $24 bottle in Ontario liquor stores. It’s worth mentioning that the Package may not cover cocktails except for a rum punch. Guests looking for quality or specialty beverages may need to shell out additional money.

What About the Food Menus?

As for dining, the Resort offers a daily buffet breakfast and lunch and dinner are served à la carte. You need to make sure you have dinner reservations because not all restaurants are open every night. The restaurant called Mansa for example is not included in the all package. While upscale items like fancy steak and lobster are not included, they can be enjoyed for a surcharge, believed to be around $10. You can find the menus online. It’s a good idea to take a look, at them to see the latest options and get an idea of the dining experiences you can enjoy at the Resort.

Where Can You Find More Information?

As the website for the hotel doesn’t mention this meal plan, you may wish to consult online reviews and forums, such as those on Google or TripAdvisor. It might be worth clicking on the link provided in the forum to the menu your hotel has put together and it’s likely that other people on that forum will have also had this Package. That will give you a pretty good idea of whether it’s your kind of break. You could also ask for more information by contacting Sunwing, or any other of the travel agencies mentioned in the forum and in the above articles offering this Package. However, it should be noted that the response time may be several days. It may be quicker to try contacting Sunwing via their Facebook page.

How can one adjust to the constraints of choices and reservation possibilities?

Although the Resort is popular, availability through certain travel agencies is limited to specific time slots within any given day or even within certain time frames of a day, so guests wishing to travel (in most cases there will be no choice given travelling dates) to the Resort have to be flexible with travelling dates. For example, during peak occupancy dates such as major conventions, the all-inclusive Package might not be available and the Resort could offer room-only rates. Guests who are intent on staying in an all-inclusive package might have to adjust their dates, or else they might have to choose an alternative location.

What other amenities does the resort offer?

Other than the bars and restaurants, the Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort provides guests with all the facilities, shopping, restaurants, tennis and activities you’d expect including a liquor store where guests can buy their own drinks to consume on site. The alcohol that the Resort buys to supply the bars is mid-range and intended more for bar service than for the high-end guest who wants a specially made cocktail.


The all-inclusive Package at The Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort offers an elegant blend of luxury, convenience and variety to upscale travelers in search of relaxation. While moderately priced food and drinks are included, guests might have to shell out extra cash to unlock more premium options. The key to making the most of this particular all-inclusive Package lies in flexibility and research, especially given booking limitations and the need to reserve through specific channels. The Resort stands to deliver a memorable getaway thanks to its picturesque grounds, many amenities and diverse culinary offerings.


How do I go about booking the all inclusive package at The Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort?

The Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort Almost All-Inclusive Package is not directly available on the website. You should book this amazing package through select Canadian travel agencies. Sunwing is a great one to start with but definitely look around at other agencies as well. This package is in such high demand and has such selective availability that I would highly recommend booking well in advance and being flexible on your travel dates.

Which kinds of beverages are part of the package?

The package usually consists of spirits along with a variety of affordable yet reputable brands.
Guests can expect the included wine to be of decent quality, similar to a $24 bottle available in Ontario liquor stores. The package may not come with top notch cocktails. There is one standout; the rum punch. If guests want high quality alcoholic drinks they might have to shell out extra money.

Can you please direct me to where I can access the menus for the restaurants, at the resort?

Menus for The Buenaventura Golf and Beach Resort’s restaurants are available online. Simply search for the Resort’s name and ‘menu.’ They highlight the varied selection of culinary offerings at The Resort and let visitors easily spot which items are included in the all-inclusive Package and which are subject to an additional surcharge.

What time would be ideal to book dinner reservations, at the resort?

Dinner reservations are a must at the Resort, particularly considering that not all restaurants here are open every night. You’ll want to make your reservations as soon as your travel dates are confirmed to ensure availability at your diners of choice. This can be done by The Resort’s reception or concierge.

How can I secure a room, at the resort during times or events?

At peak times, such as large conferences, the Almost All-Inclusive Package is limited and may not be available. If you want to ensure your room during these times, book as far in advance as possible. If the all-inclusive package is not available, try to book a room-only rate directly with the Resort.

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