As the landscape of international travel changes daily, studying the rules of a specific destination is paramount. Significant changes have led to the opening of borders, in addition to the sudden closure of borders when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States and the whole world. Staying abreast of shifting travel advisories and the ever-changing entry protocols is imperative. In the following article, we take our readers on an in-depth exploration of the process of traveling to Panama, specifically, how vaccinated travelers can enter that nation. We’ll provide insights, including your experience as an interloper and precious tips from recipes supplied by official guidelines.

What are the current entry requirements for COVID-19 in Panama?

If you’re asking because you’re planning a trip to Panama, the distinction is crucial regarding what you need to visit. According to official sources, including government and embassy websites, people who are fully vaccinated and can show verified proof aren’t required to show a negative COVID-19 test upon entry. They must have been vaccinated by a major health organization, like the WHO, EMA, or FDA, at least 14 days from their final dose.

The dilemma arises when airlines, such as American Airlines, interpret the rules through their lens. In some instances, passengers have reported that the airline insisted on a negative PCR test instead of accepting a vaccination card as per Panama’s rules. This is an essential reminder that knowing a destination country’s entry requirements is insufficient. Always verify travel policies with your chosen airline before you leave.

Unvaccinated travelers must present a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test conducted within 72 hours before reaching their destination. Failure to comply results in the necessity of taking a rapid test at the airport at the traveler’s expense, which costs approximately USD 50. Successful outcomes of this examination will result in a two-week isolation period that the traveler must cover.

Additionally, all vaccinated visitors must complete an Electronic Health Affidavit before boarding their flight to Panama. This prioritization of health and safety is one of Panama’s measures to prepare for the future of travel.

Where can people find information and helpful resources for travelers?

One must rely on trustworthy sources for guidance to successfully navigate the complexities of COVID-19 travel restrictions. Official government websites, such as and dedicated travel advisories, provide authoritative advice on entry requirements and health protocols. Furthermore, the government of Panama has set up a website for travel information, providing updates on existing rules and guidelines for registering the Electronic Health Affidavit.

Travel forums and community platforms offer valuable insights for those seeking firsthand experiences and advice. However, to ensure its accuracy, it is important to check this data with reliable sources.

Travelers should also contact their airline directly to verify if there are any individual policies or requirements for that carrier. Travelers to Panama have noted instances where an airline’s policy differs from the official government regulations. Airlines such as American Airlines have specific customer service channels that provide a further outlet for clarification and assistance with travel requirements.

How should you prepare for your journey to Panama while considering the COVID-19 protocols?

To ensure a smooth and stress-free journey to Panama, vaccinated travelers should take several steps in preparation for their trip:

Vaccinated travelers can print out official advisories, procedures and forms for COVID-19 travel to Panama. Fully prepared travelers should then check to ensure those advisories and guidelines are still in effect at least a few days before travel. Things can change quickly in the pandemic travel world and might have changed in Panama in the time leading up to your trip. Nevertheless, simply by taking responsibility and checking official sources, travelers should be able to return to international travel almost to where it was before the coronavirus outbreak took the world by storm. Of course, things can still go wrong. For example, when I traveled to Panama this past November, there was a discrepancy between airline policies and the official regulations.


Can travelers who have received the COVID-19 vaccine enter Panama without needing to undergo a COVID-19 test?

Vaccinated travelers arriving in Panama no longer need to show a COVID-19 test result. Rather, they’ll need to present digital or physical proof of vaccination with a WHO, EMA, or FDA-approved vaccination scheme (provided it’s been 14 days or more since the traveler’s last dose).

Where do travelers need to go to fill out the Electronic Health Affidavit for Panama?

Before flying to Panama, travelers can fill out the Electronic Health Affidavit on the country’s travel information website.

What conditions must unvaccinated individuals meet when entering Panama?

Travelers not vaccinated must show a COVID-19 PCR or antigen test taken within 72 hours before reaching Panama.

When must travelers show their COVID-19 test results or proof of vaccination?

Travelers must show their COVID-19 test results or proof of vaccination when they arrive in Panama or to their airline before they board the flight to Panama.

Navigating COVID 19 Entry Regulations in Panama: A Handbook for Vaccinated Travelers
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