Exploring places always presents us with distinct opportunities and adventures. Starting from November 3rd American Airlines is offering a brand flight to Managua, which opens up an exciting chance for travelers to discover the wonders of Nicaragua. However it can be a little challenging to comprehend and navigate the entry criteria particularly when considering the airlines policies. This article seeks to offer information and useful guidance for individuals who are considering utilizing this recently introduced service.

What is the current situation regarding American Airlines and the entry forms, for Nicaragua?

Recently people who have been traveling have been experiencing some uncertainty when it comes to filling out the Entry Form, for Nicaragua while flying with American Airlines. Unlike Avianca or Copa where you can fill out the entry form directly on the airlines website American Airlines appears to direct passengers to the portal of Nicaraguas Ministry of Governance. This situation has created a problem because the Nicaraguan government recommends utilizing the airlines platform. It seems like American Airlines doesn’t have one.

This can create a quandary. Passengers have the airline instructions and then the airline instructions alongside the counter instructions from the government. (And then there’s the lack of a clear process on the website of American Airlines!) The challenge and burden falls on the passengers, who could spend hours parkside trying to determine a way to travel.

Looking to navigate the process of filling out an entry form, with American Airlines?

The process is relatively stripped back, at least. You submit your info to the Nicaraguan government’s portal about a week before you’re set to fly, and that’s it. While the entries often showed as “Pending,” or “In Progress,” our guide recommended that you have printed screenshots of the entries, which should accompany COVID vaccination cards or negative NAAT/PCR COVID test results, depending on your health status.

Interestingly, on at least two flights American Airlines did not ask for proof of vaccination, or for submitido a más (more simply, the submission of COVID-19), when boarding, nor after disembarking. After passing immigration and custom controls, as they have for years, there is no verification that the pre-trip online submission to Migob has been filed, nor is there a suggestion of it. Being online and having a record of the completed form and proof is prudent to follow the letter of the law, which does not appear to be effectively enforced.

What are some important things to consider when flying with American Airlines to Managua?

Don’t be surprised at typical immigration procedures: passport and immigration form review; customs reviews. Make sure you have everything, including COVID documentation (and screenshots of your online submission) even if not yet complete. Masks are not mandatory on the flight from Miami to Managua, but probably good sense.

The implicit message seems to be that, even though Migob doesn’t demand you fill in the online form ahead of time, it is nonetheless crucial that you do so, in order to ‘respect the Nicaraguan government regulations’ and, for all intents and purposes, have a hassle-free landing in the country.

The addition of the American Airlines flight to Managua is great news for travelers who are interested, in exploring Nicaragua. While there are challenges in navigating the entry requirements, being well-prepared and informed can make the process smoother. Always check the latest travel advisories and airline policies before starting your journey. This proactive approach can help ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience in this vibrant Central American country.


How do I fill out the entry form, for Nicaragua when traveling on an American Airlines flight?

To complete the Nicaraguan entry form for American Airlines, you should submit your details through the Nicaraguan government’s portal (https://solicitudes.migob.gob.ni/). Even though the airline redirects users to this government portal of providing a direct form on their website it is important to follow this procedure. Make sure to have a copy of the confirmation or take a screenshot after you submit it. You might need to show it when you arrive in Nicaragua.

Where should I submit my COVID related documents when I travel to Nicaragua with American Airlines?

For travel, you will need to bring COVID documentation such as vaccination cards and/or negative NAAT/PCR test results. American Airlines has not been consistent about asking for this information during the flight, but it needs to be presented upon arrival in Nicaragua during the health scan process — after you get off the jetway. As such, you’ll want to have that information at your fingertips to help smooth the entry process.

What should I do if my submission, for the entry form is still pending on the day of my flight?

Note: If your submission through the Nicaraguan government’s portal is still pending on the day you fly, don’t let this postpone your travel. I flew without receiving approval and landed just fine. I printed off the pending status form’s print screen anyway, just in case. It was accepted without question. I suspect the mentality is that they expect you to fly, and their main concern is if you’ll be allowed to return home. With the pending form print screen on top of your COVID linked papers you’re golden!

What is the ideal timing for submitting the entry form for American Airlines flights, to Nicaragua?

Allow yourself about one week between when you submit the Nicaraguan entry form and the date you travel – so that if there are any processing delays, you have the documentation when you need it. Keep an eye on your submission status and print the status page showing either your confirmation or pending status – before you fly.

Who should I submit my entry form. Covid documentation, to when I arrive in Managua, Nicaragua?

After the safety of the jetway and the arrival health scan that looks for COVID documentation (vaccination card or negative test results), you could be asked for an entry form, which should be taken to immigration if requested. However, the immigration authorities have not been absolutely insisting on proof of online submission, at least in recent experiences.

How do I fill out the entry form, for Nicaragua when I’m flying with American Airlines?

3 thoughts on “How do I fill out the entry form, for Nicaragua when I’m flying with American Airlines?

  • 6 January 2024 at 08:06

    I filled out that Nicaragua form about a week before my trip. Just to be safe, you know? Avoid last-minute stress. Keep an eye on the status, print that confirmation, and youre good to go.

  • 7 January 2024 at 19:42

    Submitted my Nicaraguan form a week early, got the confirmation – ready for takeoff!

  • 26 February 2024 at 11:32

    Man, November 3rd, American Airlines has a flight to Managua!


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