What are the important details that travelers, to Nicaragua should know about PCR tests?

Traveling to Nicaragua can be quite complicated with the ongoing changes, in health and safety protocols. It is essential for individuals who intend to travel with airlines, like Aeromexico or Avianca to have an understanding of the specific requirements related to PCR testing. Typically, a PCR test must be conducted by a formally established clinical analysis laboratory. The test result should include the license number of the responsible chemist and must be presented as an original document; photocopies, whether physical or digital, are not accepted.

A big issue is usually the language in which the certificate needs to be written. Most people flying from a non-Spanish-speaking country (like Italy or the UK) assume that the PCR certificate needs to be in Spanish, but we’ve had success with English PCR test certificates on a number of occasions, and sometimes a quick translation on a Google Translate app on a smartphone has been all that is needed at immigration checkpoints.

When is the appropriate time to submit your PCR test results to the airline or government?

Timing is crucial when providing the results from your PCR test. In many cases, including for Aeromexico, you’ll need results uploaded to the airline’s website within 36 hours of your flight to Managua, Nicaragua. The narrow window will guarantee that your results are recent and valid. It’s also vital to remember that some airlines, Avianca included, want the test within a specific timeframe (between 72 and 36 hours in its case) before you fly.

Travelers have to fill out a form and send their PCR test results in the 36 hours prior to their flight to avoid fines. That information is sent to Nicaragua’s health department (MINSA), which issues permission to the airlines. This is a nerve-wracking process, given that permission normally arrives just a day before the flight.

What steps can be taken to make sure that all airline specific requirements are met?

All the airlines have different requirements for customers flying into Nicaragua. For example, a customer travelling with Avianca must send their RT-PCR test, in PDF format to a special email address, with the customer’s name, passport number and the code of the flight reservation. In order to book any flights using an airline like Avianca, you also have to know the codes in order to search. Flights flying from San Salvador to Managua, for example, use the TACA code.

In contrast, the Aeromexico traveller should emphasise that a negative pre-flight PCR test has been uploaded to the airline’s website in a timely manner. Other travellers would point out that guidance for travellers on Aeromexico flights is not necessarily directly applicable to travellers on other airlines such as Avianca, although it remains a useful heuristic for how to think about the process and standards that will be in place.

What is the effective method, for translating your PCR test document?

To translate your PCR test document, there are several online tools you can use. Google Translate is a pretty common one; other travellers have had a little more success with a feature of Yandex, the Russian search engine, that can translate JPEG scans and even potentially PDF documents – which might, depending on the translation features of the system with which you’re booking, be sufficient to get you a Spanish translation of your PCR test. (Again, your mileage may vary: sometimes English documents will do just fine.)

How can I get ready for the procedures upon arrival, in Nicaragua?

At Managua airport, travellers should be prepared for the doctors to check your PCR test result on arrival. Remember to take a paper copy of your Covid test, as they might not be able to scan the QR code from your phone or email. The doctors I came into contact with all spoke English, which is a relief as few Travellers speak Spanish.

To sum up although the PCR test prerequisites, for traveling to Nicaragua might appear overwhelming having adequate information and readiness can facilitate an experience. Make sure you take note of the guidelines set by your airline keep track of the deadlines for submitting your documents and have all your paperwork prepared for review when you arrive. Safe travels!


How can I make sure that airlines such, as Aeromexico or Avianca will accept my PCR test?

Make sure that a qualified, licensed clinical analysis laboratory carries out your PCR test, and check that the chemist’s professional license number is included in the documentation. On Aeromexico, for example, you’ll need to upload the original test result in PDF, JPG, or PNG format to the airline’s website 36 hours before your flight, and with Avianca you want to send a copy of your test result in PDF format along with your full name, passport number, and flight reservation code. All airlines may have specific, added requirements, so make sure to check with yours to be safe.

What language should my PCR test certificate be, in if I’m traveling to Nicaragua?

The PCR test certificate is not always mandatory in Spanish. They will often accept the PCR test certificate in English.That said, it’s always a good idea to have a ready translation. You can do this by using an online tool to help translate the certificate from English to Spanish such as either Google Translate or Yandex OCR. It’s also a good idea to consult with your airline as to whether a specific language is needed.

Where should I submit my PCR test results and travel forms for flights, to Nicaragua?

To submit your PCR test results to Aeromexico you can conveniently upload them directly on their website. For Avianca, email your test results and travel forms to eventos.especiales@avianca.com. Make sure you provide all the required details as, per the airlines instructions. Obtaining approval, from Nicaraguas health department requires following these procedures.

What is the ideal timing to undergo a PCR test prior, to my flight?

The PCR test has to be taken between the appropriate hours (which would depend on your airline) between two and three days before your flight. Usually, the window runs from 72 hours to 36 hours before your flight. You can take it three days before your flight, if the test indicates that you are negative. But you have to take the test within the airline’s and immigration protocols to have a result on time. You can always check with your airline.

What should I do if my PCR test document is not, in Spanish and needs to be translated?

If your PCR test document is not in Spanish and also needs to be translated into Spanish, then there are several online tools available. An online OCR tool such as Yandex OCR can convert JPEG scans or PDFs into text, which can then be translated by Google Translate. Each of these tools can be used to efficiently and accurately translate a document in this way if needed, but remember that it is often not necessary to have a document translated, as they will both usually be accepted in English.

How can I make sure that my PCR test is approved by airlines such, as Aeromexico or Avianca?

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