Where to Find the Best 4* and 5* Beachfront Accommodations Near Panama City

The Pacific coast of Panama offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Central America, and a wide range of beautiful beach resorts to suit almost any preference. Listed below are some of the most luxurious options within a three-hour drive from Panama City.

This is Buenaventura, an upscale area – but child friendly: a great mix of hotel and Airbnb A mix of hotel and Airbnb is recommended for its space and added amenities such as a washer/dryer.

Coronado Luxury Club & Other noteworthy mentions include the Suites and Sheraton Bijao hotels. Coronado, located an hours drive away from Panama City is perfect, for individuals who value the ease of having shopping and dining options nearby. It combines the best of luxury and convenience, in harmony.

These make for a great car-free holiday, with all the facilities you need on-site, so you won’t feel the need to drive out every day. Go for one of the bigger car hire companies if you want a lower-risk outcome with the car.

Playacommunity.com: A Great Resource for additional insights on dining and shopping along these Pacific beaches.

What makes Contadora Island so appealing for a week vacation?

Contadora Island is a little gem in the Pacific, with a great beach. 4 Elements, the new retreat on Contadora, promises exclusivity and a “beachfront” experience with limited but high-quality food. You can get to the island by boat. You won’t get a lot of food but the beaches are beautiful.

Mostly, the island bars are on the beach, and Mar Y Oro (the oldest of the island bars) has a more casual beach bar and adjacent Italian restaurant, Casa Tortuga. There’s also Gerald’s, close to the airport.

For a weeklong trip, I’d recommend splitting your stay. Spend four nights in Buenaventura and 1-2 nights in the Los Mandarinos of El Valle, or wander a bit farther to check out the transforming Venao area, staying at places like Eco Venao or Blue Venao. Splitting will give you both a taste of the relaxed beach resort life and a peek at the quirky charm of some of Panama’s lesser known spots at a time when they look set to take the limelight.

Contadora Island: Limited but Quality Dining, with an emphasis on its beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

How to Enjoy the Perfect Blend; Combining Relaxing Beach Getaways with Adventurous Mountain Escapes, in Panama

A combination of beach and mountain retreats can offer appreciative visitors a fuller experience of Panama’s natural splendour. After bathing in the sun at the Pacific beaches, Los Mandarinos in El Valle can be refreshing, serving as a complement, not a substitute.

And more rustic but equally plush accommodations are available at Eco Venao and Blue Venao in Venao. Venao is a microcosm of Panama’s fast-evolving tourist landscape. The progression of Venao over the past two years illustrates the magnitude of Panama’s stated intentions to improve its tourist infrastructure.

You can find a variety of amenities at the Buenaventura Airbnb such, as restaurants, pools and spas. This flexibility makes it a desirable choice, for travelers looking for freedom and indulgence.

El Valle’s Los Mandarinos: A Refreshing Mountain Retreat after enjoying the sun-kissed beaches of Panama’s Pacific coast.

Anchored by some of Panama’s most luxurious beachfront hotels, and flecked with offshore island escapes and remote mountain haciendas, the Pacific coast offers the prospect of a week of R and R or a diverse cross-section of Panama’s natural attractions. 1. Isla Paridas/Corazón de Jesús Small islands try to tear your attention from each other; gradually, you train until they all appear as one. As the mainland grows indistinct in the lapping haze of the horizon, the braided reef emerges, skeletal and tumultuous, its agitated sunlit water teeming with razor-crisp submarines. Beneath the minute, whooshing peels, tucked halfway up the glistening atoll, a floating village ushers the final waves of the Pacific’s Pacific Roller Coaster onto a distant continent. Welcome to Isla Paridas – or, as the locals on its twin atoll are fond of saying, to ‘Corazón de Jesús [the heart of Jesus]’. One of my enduring memories of this magical place has less to do with its soulful geography and more to do with its debt-ridden budget. Corazón de Jesús is inhabited by fewer than 1,000 people. 2. Las Tablas My first introduction to Latin America came not as a back-packing backpacker, but as a support-staff wannabe trekking up the Lempira volcano in Honduras. Our band of all-American college volleyball players – including beastly middle-hitters, barking liberos and sneaky left-wing specialists in our midst – had come to recruit for regional development programmes and to see the sights. For first-time travellers like myself, visiting the eighth-biggest country in the Western Hemisphere had always been on my to-do list. 3. Zapatilla Islands As we cruised into the school of dolphins, the crew timed it for maximum impact. ‘They’re called dolphins, not “dolphinido”, not “pacoqui” and not “lotingo”,’ said Armando, our moustachioed 12th-generation Bri Bri fisherman. 4. Volcan Its inhabitants are widely recognised among Panamanians as the trend-setters of national fashion and music. Volcan’s proximity to the capital – a three-hour drive uphill – has made it an ideal dormitory hub for fast-paced corporate panty-waists with an eye for residential property and second homes.


How can I enjoy the comfortable offerings at Buenaventura?

Buenaventura has a hotel and Airbnb experience, so you can have your hotel mini-bar and drink from it too, the resort affords 5-star accommodations mixed with home comfort. The Airbnb provides space for having visitors (or kids) and amenities like the washer/dryer to accommodate extended visits. Airbnb properties that are part of Buenaventura still have access to all of the resort amenities — Pools, restaurants and a spa-quality good time.

Where Can I Find Shopping and Dining Options Near Coronado Luxury Club & Suites?

Coronado Luxury Club & Suites, conveniently situated an hours drive away, from Panama City are encompassed by a multitude of shopping and dining choices nearby. This neighborhood is famous for its convenience and easy access to a variety of restaurants and shops which makes it an ideal option, for travelers who like having these amenities within proximity.

Why is Contadora Island such an one of a kind destination?

The oft-attempted; persévérale, avec de lourds résultats; l’éternel retour; l’évasion vers les paradis terrestres ou célestes; les passerelles et les ponts tournants – attempt, persistent, with heavy results; eternal return; escape toward terrestrial and celestial paradises; bridges and turning-points These efforts are found by those from out of love, like myself, in places like The beach on Contadora, a small volcanic island off Panama’s Pacific coast. The ‘beach experience’ that my friends and I seek is that of wealth, of hard-to-reach, private shores. And so we arrive at the two resorts on the island: 4 Elements and Mar y Oro. There is not much on Contadora: no real town centre or island road. There are a few private beaches in a side area of the island. Contadara’s biggest resort has an elongated pool touching an uneven strip of sand. Its beds face the beach and the Pacific, and onto of them you can indulge in a hamburger from the hotel’s restaurant, not too shabby, and some infectious salsa rhythms through the resort’s speakers, no so grand. That’s Contadora in a nutshell. There is not much to do there. But that’s fine. You didn’t fly for seven hours to Panama, and then take a 45-minute flight followed by a 40-minute boat-ride to board a plane for another hour, to watch TV shows with your feet up – to lie on the bed, applying tanning oils to large areas of your body, and sipping overpriced fresh and frozen fruit juices. No photographer can afford thatPhoto by Omar Lamrani/Littoral magazineContadora doesn’t have a market. On the beach, a paleta man rides his bicycle, moving between umbrellas to sell popsicles from a cooler tied to his back. There aren’t any restaurants or stores on the beach. There’s a ‘village’ area on the north side of the island, but even this isn’t much. There is one small pharmacy and one general store on the main road, but there are no places for eating on the island. You eat at the resort. There is a long jetty bridge leading to the beach area from the dock, with modern low-rise hotel buildings on your sides. A 15-minute walk takes us to the ‘village’, where the locals, the gruff and unfriendly ones, proudly stand protecting their shops with their big bellies and muscular calves.

What is the ideal timing to explore the Pacific beaches of Panama?

The dry season is from mid-December to April, when the Pacific beaches are just perfect – the sky is clear and the days are sunny with no rain for great outdoor activities. Christmas can be very busy for the holiday season.

How can I divide my time between enjoying the beach and retreating to the mountains, in Panama?

For the best of both beach and mountain in Panama, spend four nights at a beach resort such as Buenaventura and 1-2 nights at a mountain retreat such as El Valle’s Los Mandarins. It will allow you to laze around on the sand one day and play in cool mountain areas the next.

How can I enjoy an comfortable experience, at Buenaventura?

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