Nicaragua’s incredible culture and geology make it a top choice for intrepid tourists and travellers. This guide, based on the author’s seven-week backpacking trip there, will help provide valuable knowledge and tips for experiencing this breathtaking destination in Central America.

Start Your Backpacking Journey; Getting Around and Making First Impressions

Many people begin their adventure by visiting Granada, a city famous, for its captivating colonial charm. Backpackers heavily rely on transportation as it serves as their lifeline, in this area. Minibusses are a popular choice from Granada to Managua, seamlessly connecting to other destinations like León. These minibusses are cost effective and highly efficient operating with a system that might appear disorganized but is surprisingly well coordinated. The couple then decided to explore modes of transportation such, as taking chicken buses or express buses for their longer trips.

What can you expect when backpacking in Nicaragua? Lets explore the safety measures, local cuisine and opportunities for interactions, with the locals

Security is always a top concern for any traveler. Outside of Managua, the couple found a sense of safety that was eye-opening…even after dark. Food, well, take a little cheese, then toss in some cheese with a side of cheese. Local dishes are affordable but could get a little monotonous if you don’t enjoy Nica cheese. Supermarkets had limited variety – clearly focused on local staples as opposed to overseas fare.

How to Explore Nicaraguan Cities: Granada, León, and Beyond


Staying at Casa Cubana, Granada offered cultural experiences like the Masaya Volcano and the serene Laguna De Apoyo. There were a variety of dining choices but one standout option was definitely Pita Pita. Their flatbreads paired with their selection of wines were particularly impressive.


In León, the Volcano Hostel provided basic but clean accommodation. The vibrant atmosphere of the city stands in contrast, to the peacefulness found in Granada. Volcano boarding is one of those experiences where climbing up the volcano is actually more thrilling, than the descent.

Las Penitas and Estelí

In our destination Las Penitas we had a wonderful time savoring the delicious seafood and joining in the heartwarming experience of releasing turtles. Estelí, albeit less touristy, is charmed with its relaxed ambiance and local eateries like Alitas Monkey.

To truly immerse yourself in the wonders of nature I highly recommend exploring the captivating landscapes of Miraflor and Somoto Canyon


The couple sought comfort in the surroundings and embraced the simplicity of farm life while staying at Fuente de Vida. They delighted in exploring the outdoors through hiking adventures.

Somoto Canyon

Ceibeta Tours provided a package that showcases the stunning beauty of the canyon while ensuring safety particularly during the dry season.

Discovering the Hidden Gems of Matagalpa and Las Penas Blancas; A Guide, to Perfect Timing

In Matagalpa, the couple explored the local culture with the help of guide Jose Estrada, discovering local snacks and breathtaking nature at Don Chico’s finca in Las Penas Blancas.

What makes Managua, San Juan Del Sur. Ometepe so appealing?


During their long visit to Managua they took comfort in dining at places such, as Parilla Volcanica.

San Juan Del Sur

In this town you can experience a laid back vibe indulge in delicious seafood and witness stunning sunsets.


El Guis provided a comfortable stay in Balgue along, with the accommodation known as Hospedaje Central in Moyogalpa provides a warm and welcoming starting point for discovering the stunning natural wonders of the island.

Tips, for Wrapping Up Your Nicaraguan Adventure; Exploring the Beautiful Corn Islands

Their adventure culminated in the Corn Islands, with stays at the Catholic Church on Big Corn and Christina’s on Little Corn. The islands provided a conclusion, to their voyage featuring breathtaking beaches and a lively local culture.

Expert Insights for a Seamless Nicaraguan Adventure

  1. Public Transport: Consider taking advantage of the bus system as a genuine and budget friendly method of transportation.
  2. Culinary Experience; Make sure you’re ready, for a limited selection but make sure not to overlook the unique local dishes.
  3. Safety should be prioritized when visiting Managua. Overall Nicaragua remains a secure and suitable destination, for backpackers.
  4. Nature and Adventure: Partake in thrilling adventures such, as volcano boarding and exploring canyons to create memories that will last a lifetime.
  5. Cultural Immersion: Staying at hostels and engaging with the locals enhances the overall travel experience.

Based on my own experience of travelling, this all-encompassing backpacker’s guide to Nicaragua should provide a useful guide for anyone planning a trip to the country, enabling them to enjoy a memorable time hopping from one unforgettable experience to another.


How do I get around using transportation while backpacking in Nicaragua?

Getting around on transportation, in Nicaragua is an essential aspect of the backpacking adventure. Begin your journey in cities, like Granada or Managua where minibussesre a widely used and cost effective mode of transportation. These buses connect seamlessly to other major destinations like León. If you’re going on a journey it’s best to consider taking either a chicken bus or an express bus. Bus stations may seem chaotic but they actually function with an inherent sense of organization. Having an understanding of Spanish can come in handy but the locals are usually more, than happy to help tourists find the correct bus.

What are some of the accommodation choices, for backpackers traveling to Nicaragua?

Travelers visiting Nicaragua have a range of choices when it comes to finding a place to stay including hostels and local guesthouses. Casa Cubana, in Granada comes highly recommended for its location and warm hospitality. León offers places like The Volcano Hostel offers yet clean accommodations that are conveniently located. For a secluded experience Fuente de Vida in Miraflor offers a quaint accommodation, with the allure of country living. Every place provides a one of a kind encounter ranging from the energy of cities to serene and peaceful escapes, in nature.

What are some popular dining spots, in Nicaragua recommended for backpackers?

Backpackers visiting Nicaragua can enjoy a range of dining options that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Granada is famous for its mouthwatering flatbreads and exquisite wine, with Pita Pita being a known destination to indulge in these delights. León’s Desayunazo is a choice, for breakfast and Coco Calala provides delicious vegetarian menu choices. Las Penitas is an option if you’re looking for fresh seafood, from the local area. In Estelí, Alitas Monkey has gained popularity, for its delicious chicken wings creating a welcoming environment for families to enjoy their meals together. However even though dining at restaurants is budget friendly it can sometimes get monotonous particularly when it comes to dishes featuring Nica cheese.

What is the optimal timing to explore the wonders of Nicaragua?

However, it all depends on the attraction. For example, outside the rainy season (December to May) Somoto Canyon water levels will be lower and safer to navigate. The late rainy season, November to December, is when the San Ramón waterfall on Ometepe Island really gets going at full flow. The cool climate of Miraflores means that this natural setting can be enjoyed all year round. Do check the season for the water levels, as some are best experienced in the dry season in Nicaragua (November to May), while others were at their best in the late rainy season (November to December).

Tips for Staying Safe During Backpacking, in Nicaragua

Safety while backpacking in Nicaragua is all about taking the usual precautions mainly in larger cities such as Managua. For the most part, you can breathe easy and feel very safe in Nicaragua. Stay away from wandering around too much, especially alone in unfamiliar neighborhoods after dark in the bigger cities and just suck up the price of the cab in Managua after dark. Other than that use your head, listen to local advice and you should have a hassle free time in Nicaragua.

Can you provide me with guidance on using transportation, in Nicaragua for my backpacking trip?

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  • 2 January 2024 at 13:13

    I totally get that safety vibe in Nicaragua, especially outside Managua. Nights felt cool and safe. Foods a deal, but Nica cheese gets too much spotlight. Markets lack international choices.

  • 9 January 2024 at 12:27

    Nicaraguas safety vibe rocks, but Nica cheese? Meh.

  • 10 January 2024 at 07:38

    Nicaraguas safety vibe outside Managua clicks; nights cool, foods a deal, Nica cheese overrated. Markets lack variety.

  • 10 January 2024 at 15:19

    Out there, after sunset, felt safe in Nicaragua. Foods cheap, but cheesy.

  • 15 January 2024 at 13:30

    Nicaraguas safety is legit; Managuas different. Nights chill, foods affordable, but Nica cheeses overrated. Markets lack variety, keep it local.

  • 14 March 2024 at 16:52

    Man, Nicaragua’s got that safety charm, especially beyond Managua. Nights? Cool and secure vibes all the way. Food’s a bargain, but seriously, Nica cheese? It hogs all the attention. Wish the markets had more global options though.

  • 24 March 2024 at 12:38

    Chillin’ post-sunset in Nicaragua feels safe. Foods? Cheap, but kinda cheesy. Worth it, though.


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