Discovering the One of a Rooftop Dining Scene, in Panama City

The vibrant metropolis of Panama City is a delightful fusion of modernity and tradition, nowhere more evident than in its culinary offerings. For those in search of an unforgettable meal, the city’s rooftop restaurants provide both a literal and metaphorical feast. Gorgeous cityscapes are par for the course, with various cuisines on offer to ensure a memorable meal and an even more sumptuous view.

One such gem is LAZOTEA Restaurant & The Rooftop Bar is situated in the center of Casco Viejo. This place is well known for its cuisine and stunning views of the citys skyline. LAZOTEA provides a range of delicious options, on their menu making sure that there’s something to delight every taste bud. Although sushi isn’t its focus the culinary offerings pay tribute to local flavors while incorporating a contemporary twist.

For fans of sushi there is LaBarbara and Isaki in Casco Viejo. The first offers fine indoor sushi, while the second is outdoors – regarded by some as less specialised than LaBarbara. But again, food is personal, and at this point, food studies often likes to remind readers that Decadence is in the mind of the eater. In a research paper published in the ‘International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science’, the authors concluded that the ‘evaluation of the quality of food is predominantly influenced by individual preferences and experiences accumulated and transformed over time, resulting in the creation of an individual stereotype.’

Looking for Panamanian cuisine in Casco Viejo?

Tres Fuegos beautifully captures the vibrant culinary traditions of Panama

Tres Fuegos proudly signals the advent of an authentic Pinoy taste of Panama from the tip of Casco Viejo, Old Town Panama’s historic district. The website menu highlights local, national ingredients in dishes that reflect Panama’s culinary origins and historical interactions with other countries: There are powerful currents of diverse cultures and indigenous peoples in these waters. Through an intricate blending of Spanish, African, Afro-Caribbean, and Indigenous influences which emerged over the past 500 years, Panamanian food has evolved into the flavourful, complex, and versatile cuisine that’s represented on Tres Fuegos’ menu.Academic studies such as in the ‘Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies’ note how such cuisines are dynamic, not static, and always subject to historical and cultural cross-fertilisation. Tres Fuegos weaves all of these ingredients together, emphasising dishes and ingredients that have deep roots in the indigenous, Spanish, African and Afro-Caribbean history and culture of Panama. These include traditional sancocho, a hearty stew with roots in indigenous and Spanish cooking; locally sourced seafood; and much more.

Why Fonda Lo Que Hay is the Perfect Representation of Panamanian Cuisine

Fonda Lo Que Hay is a culinary gem located in Casco Viejo offering an authentic Panamanian ‘fonda’ experience. According to an article published in the ‘Journal of Heritage Tourism’ fondas play a role, in safeguarding and highlighting genuine local cuisine. They have a role, in preserving culinary customs and providing tourists with an authentic experience of the local culture. Fonda Lo Que Hay is truly exceptional at creating a dining atmosphere that is rich, in cultural experiences. Its local cuisine is widely celebrated, its chicken dishes that are cooked using traditional Panamanian cooking methods. This restaurant not offers delicious food but also acts as a bridge, between cultures allowing customers to experience the vibrant culinary heritage of Panama. Every dish served here is a blend of different cultural influences creating a mosaic that reflects the diversity of the country.

Both Tres Fuegos and Fonda Lo Que Hay offer a taste of Panamanian cuisine allowing you to truly experience the vibrant essence of local flavors.These are not just restaurants: they are culinary time-slipping machines, and sites not to be missed by any adventurer seeking to savour the true flavours of Panama.

What’s the best way to fully experience the range of dining choices, in Panama City?

The dining scene in Panama City demands a certain amount of both spontaneity (walk-ins are welcome most places) and advanced planning (word has gotten out about some spots, and you sometimes need to snag a seat outside). As a local friend pointed out, the telling time to book a spot at one of the city’s most popular restaurants is during the rainy season.

But Casco Viejo is not the only part of the city that has become a culinary destination. A few blocks away in neighbourhoods such as San Francisco, a number of restaurants helmed by young chefs have opened shop, and Tomillo is just one example. The outdoor setting and innovative menu of this mildly international restaurant, located in Barrio San Francisco in Panama City, Panama.

Similarly, the YOO building has a top-rated restaurant, Filomena. It’s outdoors, so you can eat under the stars. Here in Dubai, a movement of eating out at high-rise restaurants is sweeping the city along with cities worldwide, reflecting what a paper in the journal ‘Urban Studies’ calls an UNCONDITIONAL POST MODERNITY – a new approach to valuing urban spaces.

Discovering sushi spots, beyond Casco Viejo; A guide

Panama City has a lot to offer for sushi lovers. Its not limited to just Casco Viejo. Makoto, which can be found outside the historic district is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for some delicious sushi. This restaurant exemplifies the fusion of Panamanian ingredients with Japanese techniques, a culinary trend gaining traction globally, as noted in a study from the ‘Journal of Culinary Science & Technology’.

Likewise, Intimo Restaurant and Casa Escondida, both with lovely outdoor areas, serve up mix-and-match traditional and modern dishes, as part of an exciting shift where chefs draw inspiration from Panamanian culture but aren’t afraid to borrow from – and experiment with – surrounding dishes.


How can I make a reservation at the rooftop restaurants, in Panama City to secure a table?

For popular rooftop restaurants like LAZOTEA in Panama City, nailing down a table often requires some planning. It’s always a good idea to make reservations on the weekend and evenings, and during the high seasons. You can usually do this through the restaurant’s website, or call them directly. Many restaurants even offer online booking platforms so you can easily secure a table.

What are some of the spots, in Casco Viejo to find delicious and genuine Panamanian dishes?

Visit Casco Viejo for the best places for authentic Panamanian cuisine. Tres Fuegos offers high-quality dishes with a twist on traditional Panamanian flavors. Fonda Lo Que Hay is a more casual dining experience, serving local, home-style Panamanian dishes with an emphasis on locally grown and crafted products.

Where can sushi enthusiasts find a variety of options, in Panama City?

Photo by Bobby Doherty/New YorkMany Panamanians crave sushi. In Panama City, sushi is available at establishments such as LaBarbara or the smaller, rooftop sushi-bar Isaki in Casco Viejo, and Makoto outside of Casco Viejo is highly recommended for a high-quality experience that blends Japanese culinary technique with local Panamanian ingredients. These restaurants represent the general fusion trend that has become critical to Panama City’s ever-expanding food culture.

What is the ideal time to visit dining establishments, in Panama City?

The best time of the year to dine outside is when it is dry. At most of the outdoor dining venues in Panama City, dry season starts in mid-December and lasts till April. Many restaurants are rainproof and offer indoor seating at least at part of the building.

What can we learn about food trends, from Panama Citys culinary scene?

Panama City’s dining scene follows the global trend that fuses traditional Panamanian cooking with international influences. The city’s San Francisco area, for instance, hosts restaurants like Tomillo and Filomena that serve innovative dishes that integrate local flavours into global cuisines. Culinary scholars observe that this blending of culinary styles is part of a larger trend in which chefs are mixing ingredients and techniques in more experimental ways.

How can I make a reservation at the rooftop restaurants, in Panama City?

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    Man, Casco Viejo isn’t the only foodie spot in town. San Francisco’s got gems like Tomillo. It’s chill, international vibes and tasty dishes make it a must-try in Panama City.


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