Panama is now a very popular destination and it’s good to know that British visitors arrive very well prepared for all eventualities, including the requirement that the Immigration Services impose regarding the proof of onward travel You are probably aware that if you’re a UK citizen traveling to Panama as a tourist, obtaining a visa is not necessary. However, once you’re at the limits of Panamanian soil, you’ll come face-to-face with a helpful official asking you to provide evidence that you’ll be leaving. Yes, you’ve read that correctly, Panama requires British tourists to present the proof of their onward travel. According to Panamanian law, every foreign tourist is considered a visa-less entrant into the Republic of Panama, which raises several questions. First of all, how is this requirement enforced? Also, what happens if you arrive at an international port without this document? And most importantly, how do you go about fulfilling this requirement?

Why does Panama have regulations regarding Proof of Onward Travel?

Proof of onward travel is a commonly enforced travel regulation by many countries. This includes Panama — where required, you will have to produce evidence of your plans to leave the country within the permitted visa duration. For UK tourists in Panama, an example of this would be showing you plan to leave Panama within the 90-day tourist visa period.

The reason Panama is so strict, of course, is that it’s the job of any country to regulate tourism and enforce visa regulations. That’s to prevent illegal immigration and overstays. So more often than not airlines play a huge role in enforcement, as they’ll frequently ask for proof of onward travel before you actually board.

A recent study published in the Journal of Travel Medicine highlighted the significance of comprehending and adhering to entry prerequisites in order to avoid any disruptions while traveling. The research highlighted that not fulfilling these conditions may result in being refused boarding or entry which could cause inconvenience and financial hardship.

Where can British tourists get documentation to prove their travel plans, in Panama?

While any tourist who’s booked to travel by bus into a bordering country such as Costa Rica can produce a bus ticket as evidence of their onward journey, it gets tricky for tourists from the UK particularly when the tickets are yet to be bought. There are some workarounds though:

  1. Purchase a Refundable Airline Ticket: A used tactic is to purchase an airline ticket, from Panama that is fully refundable. Travelers have the option to cancel these tickets once they have gone through customs and immigration. However it is essential to examine the refund policies in order to prevent any unforeseen terms and conditions.

  2. Use the Copa Price Freeze or Similar Services: Some airlines, such as Copa Airlines provide a service called ‘price freeze’ that enables travelers to secure their reservation, for a specific duration of time. Although this reservation is not a booking it could potentially serve as evidence of future travel plans. . It’s important to make sure of this with the airline, in advance.

  3. Online Services for Temporary Onward Tickets: Websites like and provide temporary flight reservations that can be used as proof of onward travel. These services cater to individuals who are traveling and require a ticket to be presented. Intend to proceed with their journey using alternative methods of transportation.

  4. Consider Buying a Return Ticket: Return tickets can often be priced similarly to tickets. In scenarios like these it might be simpler to consider buying a ticket, for the return journey.

When is it advisable, for UK tourists to organize their proof of travel?

You need to arrange this some days (up to a few weeks, depending when you’re arriving) before arrival to your airport to catch the flight – optimally the day you leave your country of departure. Using temporary tickets or airline features such as the Copa Price Freeze, be sure those flights are all valid not only for your flight date but also upon your arrival to Panama.

In an article published in the International Journal of Tourism Research the authors emphasize the importance of proactive planning when it comes to entry requirements. They argue that such planning not enhances travel experiences but also reduces stress levels significantly. To have a seamless journey it is important to make sure you have all the required documents ready, before you depart.


What are the options, for UK tourists to provide evidence of their travel when they intend to depart from Panama via bus?

For British tourists planning to leave Panama by bus, it may be difficult to present that essential bus ticket as proof of onward travel when you arrive. A related practical work-around would be to buy a fully refundable airline ticket out of Panama. You present this at the border as proof and cancel if you are successfully admitted. Fortunately, the service I link to above has also been tested before by a couple of readers with what seemed to be successful results.

Where can travelers discover services that offer onward travel tickets?

Holders of one-way tourist tickets can obtain temporary onward travel tickets through websites such as or These companies produce flight reservations that serve as proof of an onward journey, for just a few days, usually more than enough for the onward travel requirement of airline and immigration officials in Panama.

What are the potential drawbacks of relying on a price freeze service as evidence of travel?

Although a price freeze service like the one offered by Copa Airlines might seem like the perfect solution, use of these services does come with a degree of risk. While they may hold a reservation for you for a period of time, they do not guarantee a confirmed booking, and there’s a possibility that airlines or immigration officials might not accept this as proof of onward travel. Therefore, it’s really important to first check with the airline to confirm that they will accommodate you if you decide to use this method.

When is it necessary to arrange proof of travel before flying to Panama?

A proof of onward travel should be arranged prior to arriving at the airport for the flight to Panama. For temporary ticket services or freeze fare reservations, seek the confirmation that these are a valid option for you, and can be presented during the flight and upon arrival in Panama. Last-minute arrangements could possibly end up in trouble or denied boarding.

Are airlines very strict when it comes to the need for proof of travel, in Panama?

Airlines tend to be hardline on proving onward travel to Panama, since they are responsible for making sure that the passenger is immune-compatible with Panama’s entry requirements. If you do not have appropriate proof of onward travel, you will not be allowed to board the flight. You should check with your airline as to what they will accept as acceptable proof of onward travel.

What methods can British tourists use to demonstrate their plans, for travel when intending to depart Panama via bus?

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