What is it, about Belize that appeals to travelers who like to keep busy and fully engage in cultures?

Belize, situated in Central America is a gem for those seeking to explore a blend of history and breathtaking natural scenery. Belize provides an array of experiences for a couple in the middle of their lives who appreciate delving into diverse cultures. The country is famous for its historical attractions, such, as the ancient Caracol and Xunantunich ruins. Delving into these objects provides an intriguing glimpse into the vibrant legacy of the Mayan culture making them a sought after attraction for history enthusiasts.

Explore the wonders of Belize for an adventure filled getaway. Discover the paradise for those who love nature in 2018. Belizes exceptional range of biodiversity attracts nature enthusiasts due to its natural offerings. A top notch spot for thrilling adventures this country boasts the ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal) Cave. Brave explorers can embark on a hike take a dip in rivers and caves and explore ancient Mayan artifacts and geological wonders along the way. A true trip for those who are bold by nature.

The size of Belize is also a boon – it is small enough that one can see much of it with ease. Whether it’s the bustling local markets of towns such as San Ignacio with juice vendor stalls bursting with rainbow colours of local fruit, or the white stretches of sand along the Caribbean coast. Everything there is accessible, so, if visitors wish, they can both see the city and sand in between.

What opportunities does Panama offer for types of adventures?

If Costa Rica promises rush and a whirring cacophony, Panama is a plutonic release, no less alluring for its comparative tranquility as the gritty, urban veneer of Panama City is a living collage of colonial architecture crowded by rollicking street life and modern-day dining and the engineering wonder of the Panama: the Canal.

But if you’re looking for more than resorts and volcanos, Panama’s ecosystems offer a dense cluster of different worlds. The Caribbean with its departmental divisions of the San Blas Islands and Bocas del Toro, births a laid-back beach experience, during which you will snorkel azure waters in search of buried treasure, or recast yourself as lovably lazy. Similarly framed: a sense of cultural authenticity, through a foray into the departmental capital of the San Blas region, El Porvenir and a first encounter with the Guna people; the start of a voluntourism odyssey among the Embera; and taking a turn behind the bar on one of the Guna’s colorful “sailing cayucos,” mixing and learning how they cure a traditional monga.

for Wildlife-seekers Panama’s biodiversity is unbeatable – from From Monkey Island to the depths of the jungle you’ll encounter an array of animals roaming freely perfectly catering to the aspirations of explorers in search of unique natural adventures.

The Chiriquí The Highlands, which encompass locations like Boquete and Cerro Punta offer conditions for hiking and exploring Panamas coffee plantations with their lovely weather and stunning landscapes.

What are some tips for making the most of a 14 day trip to Belize or Panama?

A two-week vacation in either Belize or Panama would be amazing beyond your wildest dreams. The difficult part is finding a way to mix in a little bit of both rest and relaxation and a little bit of normal, run-of-the-mill adventure. The mainland/inland time would be well spent checking out some Mayan ruins. You’d clearly want to work beach life into that routine with a sojourn to Belize’s coast. A day of snorkeling is the perfect low-end water sports fix for when you have to give your arms a break but aren’t ready to commit to any Scuba work.

Unless you’re also a keen birdwatcher (in which case set aside at least a week), you’ll find that three days in Panama City is enough to sample urban culture and history – followed by some lazy San Blas beach days and a complete experience specially overlaid with a trip to Guna Yala or a visit to the Embera village – while completing the big-game touring with a week in the jungle and highlands, covering the major wildlife hot-spots and biggest natural attractions together.

Both locations offer a range of activities suited for a couple seeking adventure.
The choice ultimately depends on personal preferences – whether the allure lies in Belize provides a blend of attractions and scenic wonders whereas Panama showcases a cultural legacy and varied ecological settings.

When you weigh everything Belize and Panama stand out as options for a two week getaway. The pockets of history doused in beautiful nature, or the diverse culture and rich biodiversity nurtured in Panama – each destination is bound to be a spectacular experience for any (active and curious) traveller.


Delving into the history of Belize; How can one fully engage with the historical fabric of this lively nation?

Vacationing adrenaline junkies should also head to the ATM Cave, an Actun Tunichil Muknal site in the Cayo District. This geological companion piece also includes some cave art and Mayan artefacts. It’s another dark and damp journey, but one in which you’ll get wet, dirty and squishy. Bring your camera.

Where are some good places in Panama to see wildlife?

Panama offers excellent opportunities to see beautiful beasts such as kaleidoscopic toucans, languid sloths and waddling wombats: Monkey Island is self-explanatory and the country brims with the lush jungles that host such biodiversity as these. All will keep photographers’ shutters clicking ceaselessly. The Guna Yala region and the Emberá villages are a living encyclopaedia of Panama’s rich wild and cultural tapestry.

What makes Panama City an attractive spot for culture enthusiasts?

And culture vultures will also take Panama City for its UNESCO-listed Casco Viejo (Old Town) with its rich fusion of colonial architecture, contemporary dining and lively streetlife – though the city is also home to the modern-day Panama Canal, the greatest engineering feat of its time and still vital to global maritime traffic.

When is the best time to visit Belize and Panama for a range of activities?

It is best to go to Belize and Panama in the dry season( December-April) so that you can mix sightseeing /nature/relaxing in the beach…nice weather for exploring the two respective countries.

Choosing Between Belize and Panama for a Two Week Adventure

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