What type of accommodation would provide an secure experience while staying in Panama City?

When you’re planning a trip to Panama City for two or three weeks you’ll find a variety of options, for places to stay. The YOO Panama is a choice, for individuals who prioritize both comfort and safety. Not does it provide the added convenience of a complete bar by the pool and a market for food enthusiasts within the building but its apartments with views of the city also offer a tranquil retreat, from the busy streets. Although it may be more expensive compared to options the additional features such as a washer, dryer, room service and the choice of having maid service are worth the investment especially, for extended periods of stay. Panama is a choice if you’re looking for a vibrant atmosphere similar, to Las Vegas with plenty of bars and restaurants nearby.

However if you’re looking for a still cozy alternative it’s worth considering the El Cangrejo district.In Panama, this urban residential area is just the place to score the full Panamanian city life experience.Stay in the area at hotels like Tryp Panama Centro, Best Western Plus Zen and Torres de Alba, which offer pools; the latter has residential suites that include a separate bedroom, dining/living room and a full kitchen. This area is perfect for the value traveler: safely walk-able, with easy access for taxi and Uber and a host of dining options that are also within a casual stroll.

When would be the moment to venture beyond Panama City?

If you choose to spend time in Panama, consider splitting your time between Panama City and other locations in Panama. There’s plenty to recommend other parts of the country for visiting with beaches in the Caribbean as well as blue waters and white sand in the Pacific. Mountain regions such as El Valle offer lots of charm, with temperatures cooler by about 10 degrees Celsius. For beaches, the Pacific coast and the Caribbean coast are distinctly different. While Panama’s Pacific beaches are developed, with major resorts such as Coronado and others, there’s also a large expat population and a busy night life. But visibility is poor (the Pacific gets murky) so snorkelling is really tough. Perfect, though, for swimming.

On the Caribbean side there is Portobelo and, closer to Panama City, Isla Grande, both with warm, clear waters and ideal for snorkelling or kayaking through the mangroves, but also with much smaller beaches. For a more rustic, authentic experience, the white sands and superb snorkelling of the San Blas Islands – part of the Guna Yala Comarca – come recommended, though here you can expect no frills, and the accommodation is generally in thatched huts called bohos.

In the far north of the Caribbean coast, close to the Costa Rican border, Bocas del Toro is another must-visit region, which you can either reach by air or an epic (but somewhat uncomfortable) overnight bus journey. It has since become a popular tourist destination, though it still boasts some nice beaches and a range of accommodation options, at increased prices.

How can you strike a balance between experiencing the city, the beach and the mountains, in Panama?

The key to spending the perfect two weeks in Panama is to split your time between Panama City, the beach and the mountains, so you can experience the wide variety of what Panama has to offer.In the city in Panama, you can experience the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city, advanced infrastructure with access to all your modern necessities. Once you head towards the mountains, such as in El Valle, the weather is cooler and you can go on beautiful hikes through the mountains. Finally, once you end up at the beach, whether its on in the Pacific ocean or the Caribbean sea, you can relax and do water activities, such as swim and snorkel.

This way, you experience Panama through different lenses, according to your interests and tastes. The cosmopolitan allure of the big city. The tranquility of the mountains. The refreshing seaside. Planning ahead means making time to travel and getting to know the different modes of transportation between these locations. It’s the sacrifice you make to gain such diverse experiences.

But picking your rooms carefully, and splitting your time between one or more regions, this can be just one long learning experience and deep dive into Panama’s many faces.


How can I make sure that my stay, in Panama City is comfortable and secure?

For an secure experience in Panama City it is advisable to choose accommodations such, as YOO Panama or explore the El Cangrejo district. Panamas YOO provides a range of amenities, including a fully stocked poolside bar, apartments with stunning city views to shield you from any disruptive road noise and the convenience of additional services, like maid service. If you’re looking for an affordable choice consider staying in the El Cangrejo district. It offers an urban living experience with reasonably priced hotels, like Tryp Panama Centro and Torres de Alba. These hotels provide suites and are conveniently situated near various dining options and transportation services.

What advantages does one enjoy by choosing to stay in the El Cangrejo District?

Staying at a district hotel in El Cangrejo is a great way to experience city life in Panama safely, conveniently and on the cheap. Hotels like the Torres de Alba offer amenities such as residential suites with full kitchens, so they’re perfect for a good abode away from home. El Cangrejo is a pedestrian-friendly area, filled with restaurants galore, plenty of Uber and taxi cabs cruising the streets and even a couple of super markets and a local shops. It’s just the right blend of local and comfort.

Which areas, in Panama should I consider for a beach getaway?

The Pacific coast of Panama has more developed beach resort areas, a predominantly local, but with an expat community as well: Coronado. The Caribbean side tends to be clearer waters (perfect for snorkelling and kayaking): Portobelo and Isla Grande. The San Blas Islands are another place with great beaches and water but these places are more rustic. Bocas del Toro makes the list of great beaches, but it is a little more challenging to get to.

When would be the moment to explore the mountains and beaches of Panama?

There’s no real right time to visit the high mountains and sandy beaches of Panama, other than your own preference for weather and tourist traffic. Overall, reserving your visit for mid-December to mid-April, mid-year (from mid-April to June) and from late September to mid-November will reward you with plenty of sunshine and fewer rains – perfect for beach and mountain activities. But these are the peak tourist seasons too, when prices will be higher and crowds will gather. Shoulder seasons – just before or just after – are quieter options, and so perhaps more rewarding.

How can I efficiently manage my schedule to explore and enjoy the attractions of both Panama City, its beaches and the scenic mountains?

If you want to see the culture of Panama City (its nightlife, wealth, inequality, poverty, mixing of races, building craziness) and also want to get away from it, then a week in the city would be good, and another week at the beach and another in the mountains. Start in the city for its modern comforts, then move to the mountains at El Valle for a cooler nature-filled experience, and end at the beaches for the rest and relaxation. Consider the travel times between these locations and fit them into the sequence that makes the most sense to you time-wise and travel-wise.

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Hotel for Your Extended Trip, in Panama City

5 thoughts on “Tips for Selecting the Ideal Hotel for Your Extended Trip, in Panama City

  • 8 January 2024 at 23:05

    Visited Bocas del Toro last summer. Quick flight or a bit of a bus ride. Touristy but worth it for the gorgeous beaches. Accommodations cost a bit more though.

  • 11 January 2024 at 01:19

    Had a blast in Bocas del Toro last summer. Took a short flight and a bus ride—easy peasy. Beaches were stunning, but its a bit touristy. Places to crash are pricier, but the vibes are totally worth it!

  • 14 January 2024 at 20:20

    Bocas del Toro last summer – quick flight, kinda bus ride. Beaches stunning, bit touristy, but worth it. Places cost a bit more, but vibes are cool.

  • 19 January 2024 at 03:32

    I love how Panamas got it all – city vibes in Panama City, chill mountain days in El Valle, and beach bliss on both coasts. Best way to soak up all the Panama goodness!

  • 23 March 2024 at 08:58

    Man, let me tell you about Panama! So, the trick for a sweet two-week vacay there? Split your time right! You gotta hit up Panama City for that urban buzz, y’know? It’s all skyscrapers and convenience. Then, head to the hills like El Valle. Cooler vibes, perfect for hikes. And don’t forget the beaches—Pacific or Caribbean, take your pick. It’s all about chilling, swimming, and snorkeling. That’s Panama for you—city, mountains, beach, perfection!


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