If you’re planning the party for a bachelor, Panama City’s booming nightclub scene can easily whisk you to the wild side. Here we offer you the most information and best advice about where to go and what to do at a Panama City bachelor party.

The Ultimate Guide for Bachelor Parties; Top Nightlife Hotspots in Panama City

It is also the kind of destination where red-blooded men about to turn 40 will want to go wild and experience Panama City’s full variety of nightlife. We had set our bachelor party in Casco Viejo with its roof-top bars, wild clubs and quirky speakeasies.

Popular nightclubs like Selinas Rooftop and Furia have vibes. Latana might be an option especially if the DJ is good but its also famous for being quite loud. El Faro Del Casco and Praia Amador come highly recommended for their atmospheres and picturesque locations.

Rooftop bars such as Casa Casco and Tantalo offer some of the best views but can be noisy, meaning you might be one of fewer or in the case of Tantalo, more tourists there than you’d like. Tantalo in particular was renowned for its views, but found itself on some lists of the world’s ugliest bars.

For those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, there are many cocktail bars in town: Mangle, Amano and Labarbara Casco are my preferred. The last of these is a speakeasy that requires you book in advance on day 7 (they are perfectionists) – it’s definitely worth it. I also recommend El apartmento, when it gets packed after the downbeat at midnight.

Things to Keep in Mind When Reserving Tables and VIP Experiences in Panama City

Arranging a reservation for a table or VIP package can elevate the experience of a bachelor celebration. Places such as Latana Nans Furia provide table service. Can be easily reached out to, often through social media channels, like Instagram. In contrast to cities that require a table reservation for club entry many clubs in Panama City offer admission without this requirement allowing for a more flexible and spontaneous nightlife experience.

Best Times to Experience the Nightlife Scene in Panama City; Moments for Bachelor Celebrations

The weekends and Fridays/Satudays are, of course, the busiest nights for Panama City nightlife. It’s not uncommon to find a line at places like Tantalo, so plan accordingly or arrive early. If you want a more exclusive experience, make reservations at a cocktail bar or club with a VIP service.

Exploring the Vibrant Nightlife of Panama City; Best Hotspots for American Visitors

American tourists who want to find something more familiar than Casco Viejo’s crazy Yucatan beats and intoxicating smoke can always find it. At BOA, a nightclub in one of the screening centre’s hotels, Joseph stages the kind of mano a mano drag show that ATV routinely broadcasts to showcase Panama’s greatest musical and comedic talents. Across town in the old quarter of Panama City known as the Casco Viejo, hip, multifaceted nightclubs are springing up in historic buildings with passageways, stairs and adorning balconies. There is street life, drunks, graffiti-covered ghettoes and fork-handed barrio buskers. There are old-school casinos with legless dealers spinning and a large chain of honky-tonk saloons.

Discovering the Gastronomic Treasures of Panama City; Best Dinner Suggestions for a Bachelor Celebration

The food options in Panama City are just as varied, as the entertainment choices. For a memorable bachelor party dinner, consider these recommendations:

  • Tomillo is famous for its steaks and the enjoyable outdoor dining atmosphere.
  • Makoto provides an Asian atmosphere and is often likened to Nobu but at a more budget friendly price point.
  • Noa Nikkei: Combines upscale dining with a lively club vibe after 11 pm to the ambiance at Tao in various urban centers.
  • Cantina El Tigre, Intimo and Fonda Lo Que Hay: These places come with reviews for their genuine Panamanian dishes and relaxed vibes.

Central and Legitima are spots that have a wide variety of craft beers to choose from. They are famous for their vibrant weekend atmospheres, Legitima, which boasts a charming rooftop area.

Things to Consider for Bachelor Parties Regarding Adult Entertainment in Panama City

Caution is advised because information on most of these activities found in guide books is often wrong and the info given by people on the internet can be misleading; if at all possible, locals and high-end hotel concierges are the best way to find solid information on adult entertainment. There is a casual and scrutable sex-scape for those who are just passing through, but it’s the high-end establishments that tend to embody the spirit of Panama’s sex trade.

To summarise, Panama City has a wide spectrum of nightlife entertainment, providing considerable options for a unique bachelor party. These include trendy dance clubs intimate speakeasies, upscale restaurants and casual counter options, catering to anyone who wants to go there for a wild and vibrant bachelor party away from home. It’s important to note that a memorable bachelor party in Panama City requires selecting what part of nightlife best suits your taste and allows for combining seemingly unrelated activities to create a wholesome journey for all.


How do I go about reserving a table or VIP package at nightclubs in Panama City?

For table reservations and to book VIP experiences in Panama City’s nightclubs, it’s usually best to get in touch with the venues directly. Many clubs — Latana Nan’s Furia among them — will usually accommodate these requests via Instagram or another social media platform account.Keep in mind that while a VIP table can greatly enhance your experience in many of Panama City’s clubs, it’s typically not necessary for entry, offering much more flexibility in your evening plans.

What are the top spots in Panama City for travelers to enjoy the nightlife?

Casco Viejo is a popular location to experience Panama City’s nightlife for American tourists. This area is known for its charming colonial architecture. The area combines traditional and modern venues. With something for everyone, this is an excellent location for Americans who are looking for the ultimate nightlife experience.

What are the best places to go out in Panama City for a bachelor party?

Selina’s Rooftop, Furia and Latana should satisfy the need for a clubbing bachelor party in Panama City, while Mangle, Amano and a speakeasy-style bar called Labarbara Casco make for the perfect cocktail-loving spots for sipping and chatting with friends during the day. If you’re more of a night owl, El apartmento is your place for whiskey and shisha.

What’s the ideal time to experience the nightlife scene in Panama City?

The best time to visit the nightlife spots in Panama City is on the weekends with Friday and Saturday nights the most lively and energetic. If you don’t like lines make sure to head out earlier, but at places like Tantalo a line just isn’t avoidable no matter what time you go.

Where should we dine for a bachelor party in Panama City?

When planning a bachelor party in Panama City finding the ideal dinner venue hinges, on the tastes and desires of your group. Tomillo is a spot for fine dining with delicious steaks while Makoto is known for its fantastic Asian cuisine. For a laid back and genuine taste of Panama I suggest checking out Cantina El Tigre, Intimo and Fonda Lo Que Hay. When deciding remember to take into account the atmosphere, the type of cuisine and where its located.

The Insiders Handbook: Unveiling Panama Citys Unforgettable Bachelor Party Scene

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