She is a guidebook writer and regular contributor to National Geographic Traveller and has lent her expertise to help plan our family trip to Panama; she tells me that balancing the possibilities for adventure and relaxation is particularly important in Panama, which is a relatively small place with a lot to see – and with two young kids (ages 8 and 12). We are going underground in Cueva de Santo Toribio for challenges like bouldering and crawlingThis article will provide a day-by-day itinerary for an active Panama holiday for a family of four. It looks beyond the obvious stops on any tourism website to a country full of biodiversity interesting history, diverse culture and sand and sun. Panama is a country aptly defined by its name: Las Antillas (the islands) only ten miles away across the Caribbean Sea and Tierra Firme barely two days of sailing to the west. As the legendary American explorer Theodore Roosevelt put it, Panama personifies ‘adventure, romance, [and] the vast unknown’.

Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Panama City; A Two Day Journey

Begin your adventure in Panama by exploring the capital, Panama City. This city is a blend of cultures providing a wide range of activities suitable for individuals of all age groups.

Day 1: Arrival and Panama City OverviewAfter you reach Panama City make sure to take some time to get comfortable and explore the city. Exploring the old town of Casco Viejo unveils colonial architecture cozy squares and bustling streets filled with life. Exploring an angle the Museum of the Panama Canal offers a detailed exploration of the history and importance of the canal.

Day 2: Panama Canal and Surrounding WondersA visit to Panama City wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the Panama Canal. The Visitors Center, at Miraflores Locks provides a chance to see this incredible engineering feat from a close distance. The Metropolitan Natural Park nearby offers a taste of nature with trails that are suitable for a leisurely family hike and provide opportunities to catch glimpses of the local wildlife.

What makes for the beach getaway, along the Caribbean coast of Panama?

After enjoying the allure of the city it’s now the opportunity to discover the stunning beaches of Panama. Panama is famous for its islands but the Caribbean coastline also provides beaches that are not, on islands.

Day 3: Caribbean Adventure at PortobeloThinking about taking a journey to Portobelo, famous for its beautiful Caribbean snorkeling locations. This old town also provides a peek into Panamas history. Traveling to Portobelo is quite an experience, filled with landscapes and charming villages that you pass by on the journey.

Exploring the Verdant Rainforests and Tranquil Beaches of Panama

Days 4 and 5: Rainforest and Beach EscapadesFor a mix of beach and rainforest vibes consider visiting places such, as Nueva Gorgona or Coronado. You can unwind on shores at these spots and they’re close to El Valle de Anton, a charming town tucked away in a volcanic crater famous for its diverse wildlife and outdoor adventures.

Spend a day or two in El Valle, visit its busy market, its hiking trails, the Butterfly Haven. The slightly elevated location gives the area a cooler climate than Panama City and is one of the best places in the country for outdoor activities.

Ways to fully appreciate the allure of Panama in its closing moments

Day 6: Last Glimpses of Panama CityIn Panama City make sure to set aside a day to discover places you might have overlooked before. The Amador Causeway provides vistas of the city skyline and is ideal for a leisurely evening walk. The old town, filled with its quaint pathways and unique boutiques is perfect for finding souvenirs.

Day 7: Pearl Islands ExcursionWrap up your journey by exploring the Pearl Islands. Going on a whale watching excursion in this area can create memories for the entire family. The untouched beaches of the islands provide a setting for unwinding before heading back home.

Finally, your seven-day itinerary takes you from city break to time travel from rainforest adventure to beach relaxation, while still affording a well-paced holiday that will see you all the way around Panama in comfort. With thrills, exploration and truly deep relaxation available, Panama is one of the best destinations in the world for families contemplating a trip overseas.


How can I make the most of my two day visit to Panama City with my kids?

You can make the most of two days in Panama City by filling your agenda with engaging and educational activities. In Casco Viejo, the historic district, kids will love the colorful streets and colonial architecture. The best place in the city to learn about the canal is at the Museum of the Panama Canal, where kids can enjoy an interactive experience. Spend your second day exploring the canal itself. Most visitors head to the Miraflores Locks Visitors’ Center, where you can see the canal in action and learn about the fascinating history of this engineering wonder. You could round out your day with a walk or gentle hike in the Metropolitan Natural Park, where families can spot wildlife while only a few minutes from the city.

What are some of the beaches, on the Caribbean coast of Panama that are not located on islands?

Though Panama is best known for its beaches, non-island beaches are within reach. Portobelo on the Caribbean coast features picturesque snorkeling spots in addition to cultural insights into Panama’s colonial past. The beaches in the historic town are not as crowded and offer a quiet setting perfect for families who want a blend of relaxation and adventure.

Where can I find the rainforest and beach spots close to Panama City?

For forest in addition to beaches, try Nueva Gorgona or Coronado. They also have good access to beautiful beaches and are nearby El Valle de Anton, a charming town with a cooler climate and an abundance of different flora and fauna that’s wonderfully well-suited for hiking or a visit to the Butterfly Haven – an easy day-trip from Panama City.

What’s the season to explore Panama for outdoor adventures?

The best time to visit Panama for outdoor activities is during the dry season which is generally mid-December through to April (although the second week in December on the cusp of dry season can see good weather especially mornings) and this is also low season so you can experience the natural beauty of Panama without the crowds of high season.

How to Plan a Day Trip to the Pearl Islands?

If you’re taking a day trip to the Pearl Islands, look for a reputable tour vendor offering whale watching, a common highlight of the islands. Tours are offered out of Panama City and available for pickup and transfer to the islands. The islands are known for their crystal-clear waters and teeming marine life, so expect plenty of beach relaxation and snorkeling opportunities. Make time for a whale-watching excursion as well as some time on the beach, or you won’t be able to fully appreciate the serenity of the islands.

Maximizing Your Familys Seven Day Panama Adventure;. Tricks

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    I love Nueva Gorgona and Coronado! Great combo of rainforest and beach vibes. Easy beach access, plus El Valle de Anton nearby is awesome with its cool climate and outdoor adventures.

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    Panama Citys the place to kick off your Panama adventure. Its a lively mix of cultures with tons to do for everyone. Gotta check it out!

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    Beach vibes at Nueva Gorgona, rainforest fun in Coronado.

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    El Valle is a gem! I strolled the lively market, hiked scenic trails, and marveled at Butterfly Haven. Its cool climate makes outdoor adventures a delight.


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