It might be a lot on your plate to travel with a toddler, but imagine a 12-hour, unexpected layover in Panama City. Yes, it can be a leg stretcher, but with the right plan, a 12-hour layover in Panama City can turn into a memorable adventure. Panama City is a bustling, exciting cosmopolitan capital city that successfully combines old-world Panamanian culture with colossal modern city life, but with just 12-hours to explore Panama City, what can you do with such little time?

What Can You Anticipate When You Arrive at Tocumen International Airport (PTY) on a Sunday Morning?

A visit to PTY on a Sunday morning is a great option: not only will you get through immigration and customs speedily (PTY is one of the most efficient airports around), but waking up in an unfamiliar place on a chilled Sunday morning will help to acclimatise you to the city – a laid-back Sunday with a leisurely local SIM card in hand is the perfect way to ease yourself into life in Panama City.

Looking for a place to stay for a day, in Panama City?

Consider the Torres de Alba Hotel, conveniently located in the central city. This hotel provides day use accommodations that’re perfect, for families looking for a place to take a break. For around $100, you can enjoy a comfortable space from morning until evening departure. The breakfast buffet that comes with your stay is really impressive. It offers a variety of both international dishes and local Panamanian cuisine which is perfect, for energizing yourself before heading out for the day.

Tips, for Getting Around Panama City with a Young Child; Transportation Advice

When traveling with a toddler, ease and convenience is key. We found Uber to be both reliable and very safe in Panama City , however Ubers with car seats are not always readily available. I would have our car seat on hand rather than waiting for the ones that do to arrive. We used Uber drivers and never had anything but a smooth, convenient experience. This also allowed us to plan our days around the city for optimal convenience!

What’s the perfect morning schedule for a family, with a child?

Once you’ve finished breakfast at your hotel it’s worth exploring Casco Viejo, which’s the charming historic district of Panama City. This place is full of culture and beautiful buildings making it a perfect setting, for a walk. On the hand you can take a stroll, along the Cinta Costera, a beautiful waterfront promenade that provides a rejuvenating experience while enjoying scenic views of the bay and the city skyline. These places are perfect for families with ones as they are designed to be easily accessible, with strollers.

Looking for a place to grab lunch and indulge in some people watching in Panama City?

For your midday meal you should consider visiting Boulevard Balboa, a known Panamanian restaurant situated along Cinta Costera. This place is perfect for trying out the food and observing the people, around you. The diners close location to the bay creates an atmosphere, for enjoying a peaceful meal.

Knowing when to return to Tocumen International Airport for your connecting flight is essential.

Upon return, Tocumen International Airport advises travelers should be at the airport by 5:00 p.m. for the afternoon’s flights. This is especially important for flights heading to the United States, where additional security measures may be in place. Remember that traffic in Panama City can be unpredictable so build time into your return trip to the airport.

What other options are there for spending the afternoon that involve being, in nature and exploring trails?

If you enjoy spending your afternoons surrounded by nature the Metropolitan Natural Park is an option.Located just a 10-minute Uber ride from the centre of the city, the park has jungle trails and feels a million miles away from the bustling city centre. It’s heavily treed and, with some exception, most of the trails are very stroller-friendly.

Tips, for Dealing with a Layover When Traveling with a Toddler and No Nap Schedule

For families with toddlers who don’t nap, maximizing outdoor activities is key. You can still visit all the same attractions, just plan to spend a little extra time at each one to allow your toddler to explore at their own pace. Carry water with you everywhere and make sure to take breaks as needed. As a note, Panama City is really humid, so even if you don’t normally carry water for everyone in your family, you’re going to want to here!

Looking for beach options, near Panama City during a layover?

If you are looking for a beach getaway Isla Taboga can be a choice. You can reach this island easily by taking a ferry from Amador. It’s a place to enjoy the beaches and go swimming safely. Make sure to check the ferry schedule of time. Alternatively you might want to consider visiting Playa Gorgona and Playa Coronado, which are beaches on the mainland located two hours away, from the airport. However it could be a bit tricky to squeeze them into a layover schedule.

In conclusion, you can make a 12-hour stopover at Panama City with a toddler enjoyable. enriching, and non-stressful if you know how to pick and plan the right spots. There’s children-friendly spots that are quite different in character, such as historical walks in Casco Viejo and nature trails in the Metropolitan Natural Park. With these recommendations in mind, we hope you have a rewarding and memorable stopover in this amazing capital city.


What are some tips, for getting around Tocumen International Airport with a toddler?

It’s easy(ish) to navigate Tocumen International Airport (PTY) with a toddler in tow — if you know these tips!Cobble through immigration and customs, which are generally efficient upon arrival.Consider purchasing a local SIM card in the airport if you need to be connected right away. Restrooms and dining areas in the airport are toddler-friendly, so grab a snack and take a break before heading into the city.

Where can I locate a hotel room in Panama City that’s suitable, for families and offers day use options?

The Torres de Alba Hotel located in the heart of Panama City is a choice for families looking for a room, for a days use. They offer comfortable accommodations at around $100 per night, with a fantastic breakfast buffet included. The hotels location is also advantageous as it allows access to numerous attractions, within the city.

What are some great things to do in Panama City in the morning with children?

In the morning, a little tour in Casco Viejo, the historic district, is nice and family friendly. The Cinta Costera is also a pleasant walk along the bay, and suitable if you have a stroller.

What time should I aim to depart for Tocumen International Airport if my flight is scheduled for the evening?

If you’re flying abroad, you should definitely plan to leave for Tocumen International Airport no later than 5m. This accounts for traffic and also the fact that there’s usually an added security check at the airport, so you’ll arrive feeling relaxed and with plenty of time before your flight.

How can I organize an afternoon in Panama City if my toddler refuses to take a nap?

If your toddler does not follow any kind of schedule for daytime naps, plan to stay longer at each attraction. It should allow you to enjoy a more leisurely pace. The Metropolitan Natural Park of Santiago (Parque Metropolitano) is a central park with real nature. Spend some time here and let the kids have extra peace outdoors. Enjoy the break in a more natural setting. Take more time to walk and try to drink more water at every opportunity!

How to Make the Most of a 12 Hour Layover, in Panama City with a Young Child; A Detailed Guide

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  • 6 January 2024 at 10:37

    Man, naps are a lifesaver. Boosts my energy, helps me focus. Cant imagine a day without em.

  • 6 January 2024 at 10:46

    Went to that Metropolitan Natural Park with my little one. If your kids not into napping, take it slow. We hung around each spot, chilled out. Parks a cool nature break in the city, great for families. Dont forget to chill, drink water.

  • 7 January 2024 at 18:16

    Hey, if your little one isnt into naps, just take it easy at each spot. The Metropolitan Natural Park in the city is awesome for families. Chill, enjoy nature, and dont forget to rest and drink water as you go around.

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    Hey, if your little ones not into naps, no biggie! Just take it easy at each spot. The Metropolitan Natural Parks a cool city escape for families. Take breaks, drink water – keep it chill on your adventure!

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    Man, lunch at Boulevard Balboa sounds awesome.


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