Traveling abroad can mean navigating through layovers and transit times, and an often-asked question is about dealing with long transits, especially if they are overnight. This entry will look at that very query for travelers transiting through Panama City Airport on their way from Turkey to Barbados, based on a real inquiry and responses received from other travelers.

What would be the effective approach to make the most of a lengthy layover, at Panama City Airport?

If you happen to be traveling from Turkey and end up having a layover of 14 hours, in Panama City chances are you will be arriving with Turkish Airlines and departing with Copa Airlines. The initial query that comes up is whether it’s possible to remain within the airport during this time frame. The response is affirmative as you are indeed able to stay in the terminal for the duration of your layover. Panama City Airport has the facilities to cater to passengers who are, in transit. However it’s important to take into account the need for comfort and relaxation particularly following a journey, by air. Hotels in the vicinity like the Crowne Plaza Panama Airport and Riande Aeropuerto provide transportation services and are great choices, for a peaceful and relaxing stay.

Assessing your luggage situation is crucial. If your bags aren’t checked all the way to your destination you’ll have to pick them up usually by going through customs and immigration. This can be a bit complicated because it might require a transit visa depending on where you’re, from. Before embarking on their journey Nigerian travelers should ensure to check the visa requirements with the Panamanian Embassy, in Turkey.

When should you think about booking a hotel for your layover, in Panama?

Staying at a hotel the night before your next trip can greatly improve your travel experience. You have two good options with the Crowne Plaza and Riande Aeropuerto. The Crowne Plaza will put you in rooms on higher floors, away from the noise and features a dependable shuttle. It’s more inviting if you have to get your checked luggage (which means you have to take it out of the airport terminal and re-check it).

How can one effectively handle luggage and transit visa problems to ensure a travel experience?

Things are also made easier if you’re transiting with no checked luggage: you simply go through special channels, picking up your bags only at your final destination. Of course, that all depends on the airport having appropriate arrangements. Good planning is also essential, making sure you don’t have anything particularly important in your luggage that might not make it with you.

As for Nigerian passport holders and citizens, we will need to confirm if a transit visa is required for them for Panama, especially for a layover more than 12 hours. It is best to check with the Panamanian Embassy for your needs. We also advise our valued customers to ask Turkish Airlines whether they need to provide proof for the required transit visa.

What are the possibilities for flights from Nigeria to the Caribbean, in the future?

There have been talks of establishing direct flights from Nigeria to the Caribbean, with a stopover in Ghana. While these plans were initially derailed by COVID-19, they may well be back on the cards, and it would mean a lot in terms of opening up communication from Africa to The Caribbean, especially as such developments would provide a less time-consuming option.

To sum up, if you have a long transit in Panama City Airport, plan it in advance, consider where to stay, what to do with your bags, and whether you may or may not need a visa. If you are prepared, you will avoid unpleasant experiences and your journey from Turkey to Barbados via Panama will become easier and more pleasant.


Paano ko maayos na pamamahalaan ang aking mga bagahe habang may mahabang transit sa Panama City Airport?

Your luggage will need to be collected in Panama if it is not checked through to Barbados. This involves going through customs and immigration, which may require a transit visa, depending on your nationality. If you travel with hand luggage only, you will not have to leave the transit area.

What are the accommodation options available for a layover, in Panama City?

If you want to close an eye, there are nearby hotels such as the Crowne Plaza Panama Airport or the Riande Aeropuerto that will pick up and drop off guests for free, but be aware you won’t be able to re-enter the gate area to collect and re-check your luggage. If you are having to pick up and re-check luggage, it is definitely advisable to stay in a hotel, as that will make the layover as stress-free as possible.

What are the details I need to be aware of regarding the transit visa requirements, for Panama?

Nigerian travellers should check with Panamanian immigration or the Panamanian embassy in Turkey whether a transit visa is required in addition to a temporary visa. There is no such requirement if the layover is less than 12 hours. That said, when I went to check in for my Turkish Airlines flight to Panama, the airline clerk insisted on seeing proof of my transit visa, but I did have my own information and she ultimately kept quiet.

What is the optimal timing for making a hotel reservation while I’m in transit, in Panama?

Book your hotel as soon as your layover is confirmed so that you lock in your layover hotel and typically get a lower rate. Booking early also allows you to plan better, given the impracticality of trying to read and strategise if you’re picking up luggage and clearing immigration.

Who should I contact if I need clarification, on transferring luggage between airlines?

I was worried about my luggage because Turkish Airlines said ‘Don’t worry, we will transfer your luggage from our plane to Copa’. But I wasn’t sure.Ask who is in the best position to answer your question. If your question concerns your travel arrangements, ask your airline. If your question applies to baggage and packages, ask your luggage handler. Whenever possible, try to approach individuals engaged in similar tasks.If you suspect someone isn’t able to help you, ask them where you should go to get the help you need. Generally speaking, passengers who connect between carriers are the most challenging for airport staff to assist.These passengers often fail to follow the most basic pre-travel rules. For example, they might transfer at an international hub without checking in for their connecting flight and have luggage that wasn’t transferred to their final destination. Many passengers can’t read and might have checked luggage that wasn’t destined for their final destination. The attached image illustrates this.These cases can add significant time to a passenger’s journey at the typical gate and provide a perfect starting point for a meticulous search of personal belongings. In the case of the latter example, complete trust in the expertise of the airline’s luggage-handling experts is required.

A Complete Guide for Travelers; Navigating a 14 Hour Transit, at Panama City Airport

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    Oh, had a hefty 14-hour layover in Panama City Airport on my way from Turkey to Barbados. Found out I could crash at Crowne Plaza or Riande Aeropuerto nearby. Game-changer!

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    Man, if you got a long layover in Panama City Airport, plan it right. Think about where to bunk, what to do with your bags, and if you need a visa. Prep is key for smooth travels from Turkey to Barbados via Panama.

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    Man, traveling’s such a hassle sometimes. Had to double-check about that Panama visa thing. Clerk got me worried, but I had it sorted.1 / 2


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