Traveling amidst the COVID 19 necessitates meticulous preparation and strict adherence to designated health guidelines particularly when heading to international locations such, as Nicaragua. This article offers information about the COVID 19 entry regulations for Nicaragua. It focuses on the experiences and concerns of individuals who have traveled with Avianca airlines and dealt with testing procedures, in both Miami and Nicaragua.

What are the testing requirements, for traveling to Nicaragua during the COVID 19 ?

If you plan to travel to Nicaragua you will need to undergo an RT PCR COVID 19 test. The examination needs to be carried out within a time frame of 72 hours to reaching Managua, which is the capital city of Nicaragua. Many travelers often worry about the timing of the Test. When they will receive the results. Fast Test Now in South Beach, Miami, offers a promising solution with its same-day results service for $249. This service ensures that you will receive the results by 9 PM, which’s well within the required timeframe for sending PCR results to Avianca. It is important to complete this process at 36 hours, before your flight.

Avianca’s policy is straightforward: travelers need to email their To get the PCR results you need to complete a form that’s available, on their website. However there is some uncertainty, about whether it’s necessary to directly send these findings to the government of Nicaragua. When it comes to the experiences that travelers often talk about this extra step is not necessarily required,. It can act as a backup option.

‘Original document’ requirement means that you just need to print out the email results at the airport this time; passengers do not need to go to their hotel’s lobby to find a physical copy directly from a lab.

Looking for ways to manage COVID 19 testing and travel schedules, in Miami?

Those travelling to Nicaragua, after landing initially in Miami, have to plan carefully. Many flights arrive in Miami mid-afternoon, and securing the COVID-19 test on arrival becomes essential, as is choosing a testing service such as Fast Test Now, which offers same-day results.

What’s more, consider the time it takes to email a test result to Avianca and any forms that also need to be completed. A sensible tip is to use a date-time calculator to confirm the exact times you need to do this and make sure that your test is within 72 hours for the US and 36 hours for Panama.

What would be the effective method, for COVID 19 testing upon returning to the United States from Nicaragua?

Returning from Nicaragua to the US also requires a COVID-19 test. Tests in Nicaragua are typically performed at designated centers like MINSA (Ministry of Health) with specific testing and result hours. It is advisable to complete the test at least a day before a scheduled flight to accommodate flight schedules, especially early flights.

Most travellers have opted to stay overnight in Managua, whether to be nearer the testing centres and airport. There are inexpensive hotels, some with pools, where you can be comfortable before taking your flight. But, in Nicaragua’s wet season, which starts mid-May, it’s important to find a place where the rains cannot penetrate.

What other options and suggestions are available to make COVID 19 testing and compliance easier?

For those worried about the testing format, or those that having issues with their digital submission (like trying to upload a PDF), you have alternative options. You can also buy a home test kit to be used abroad with WiFi (many perpetually travelers have managed this in a variety of countries to successfully enter the US again).

In addition, Avianca facilitates every step: the airline sends an email with a field for submitting the test results, based on the 72-hour or 36-hour window, with a simple travel form to complete and submit back to them during the same window.

To provide assistance to travelers it is advisable to reach out to local guides or experts such as Byron Ortega, an experienced tourist guide, from Nicaragua. These individuals can offer the information regarding testing procedures and address any other travel related questions you may have.

What is the ideal timing for a trip, to Nicaragua taking into account the COVID 19 restrictions?

For travelers planning on a lengthy sojourn in Nicaragua, say a three month visit with a possible extension, knowing the COVID-19 restrictions and requirements is crucial. Being vaccinated makes it easier to travel, but the testing protocols remain in place. You must still get a negative test within 72 hours of your flight and know where to send the results.

Passengers should follow the updates posted before their outbound flight, which likely will have demanded an extra test (it might not have been mandated by a government entity, but was the policy of the airline on that day), to avoid getting banned from future travel to that country or from flights. They should also stay informed of the evolving guidelines: some countries (specifically El Salvador, but note that Nicaragua also shares a border with Costa Rica) have varied drastically in their response to foreign travellers over the course of the pandemic. Following travel advisories and forums can help.

In conclusion, tourists traveling to Nicaragua during the COVID-19 pandemic longer and harder; but it is still possible if you do it right. Therefore, with the correct information and planning, US travellers can travel to Nicaragua and back safely and compliantly.


How can I make sure that my COVID 19 test is acceptable, for traveling to Nicaragua?

you will need to have within 72 hours before your flight into Managua taken by means of an RT-PCR test. Book a reputable agency which guarantees same-day results like Fast Test Now in South Beach in Miami. You will need to get your results by printing a hard copy, usually by email. Send the email with your results to Avianca 36 hours before your flight.

Where is the best place to get a COVID 19 test, in Miami before I travel to Nicaragua?

If you’re, in Miami and need to get tested for COVID 19 I highly recommend Fast Test Now located in South Beach. They offer same-day RT-PCR tests for $249, ensuring you receive your results by 9 PM on the same day. This service perfectly aligns with the deadline needed for submitting results to Avianca.

How should I proceed to adhere to Aviancas COVID 19 protocol?

Avianca’s COVID-19 protocol requires that you email your PCR test results and fill out a form they link to on their website, and they should receive the results and form 36 hours before your flight. While sending the results to the Nicaraguan government isn’t required, it might be a useful backup.

What would be the timing to get tested for COVID 19 if I have a flight scheduled shortly after I arrive in Nicaragua?

If your flight to the US is within a day or less of your arrival in Nicaragua, be aware that taking the COVID-19 test must be at least a day before your flight home. Testing centres such as MINSA in Nicaragua only open early in the morning and results could be out by late afternoon – timings that would give you the necessary documentation in time to catch your flight home.

How can I make the process of getting tested for COVID 19 easier so that I can safely return to the United States?

To make things easier, carry a home testing kit with you that’s based on RT-PCR, so you have WiFi access to submit the result. This method is accepted for US entry and has the additional convenience of being able to obtain a test in a country where testing centers aren’t around every corner.

A Comprehensive Guide for US Travelers; Navigating COVID 19 Entry Requirements, for Traveling to Nicaragua

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