What’s the ideal way for a female traveler to navigate Panama City?

Photo courtesy of Regina Jean Castillo.Since you’re spending an overnight stop in Panama, the safety and ease of your stop are very important, especially as a single woman travelling by herself. The proximal location of the Crowne Plaza Panama Airport, an IHG Hotel, located near the Tocumen International Airport, would be a convenient stop for both safety and affordability since your flight arrives around 2pm and you’ll have enough time to sight-see.

For solo travellers, security is crucial. In Panama City you need to be streetwise and careful, after dark. The Casco Viejo neighborhood, with its history and lively atmosphere is a great choice, for spending a few hours exploring. If you want to experience the local tastes you should definitely check out the Mercado de Mariscos for its deliciously fresh ceviche. For safety and convenience during travels its recommended to opt for taxis or ride sharing services such, as Uber when moving between these places especially since the Metro doesn’t reach the airport vicinity.

A number of guests have mentioned the Crowne Plaza’s 24-hour airport shuttle and found it helpful, especially for early flights. Do contact the hotel directly to confirm such facilities to avoid last minute surprises.

Travel tip: Make sure to have a backpack packed with necessary items, for your overnight trip to help make passing through customs and immigration smoother.

How to Handle an Overnight Layover, in Panama City When Traveling with Family?

If you’re travelling with your family, Panama City layover actually has a different set of rules. Starting from roughly 12 hours, many airlines allow you to completely clear customs and retrieve your checked luggage. That makes a difference.

When it comes to lodging although staying near the airport is convenient opting for a hotel, in the El Cangrejo neighborhood could offer a genuine taste of Panama City. These regions are considered secure. Offer a variety of affordable lodging options. The taxi fare from these locations to the airport is about $30, and the journey takes less than 40 minutes. This choice could be a budget friendly and pleasant one giving your family the chance to enjoy a taste of the city.

This will be hard for places to dine. Choose from the food market Mercado de Mariscos which, by the way, the fish sellers close up around 4ish so plan accordingly, or head to the local spots which might be less tourist-frequented but certainly aren’t short of a culinary delight.

Safety tip: Remember to stay alert, to your environment and opt for taking taxis when traveling at night especially when accompanied by family.

What makes Panama City so appealing, to photography and food lovers?

Photography enthusiasts will find a diverse palette of scenes in Panama City. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to capture the frenetic pace of the Mercado de Mariscos, as well as the picturesque views in Casco Viejo. Given it’s smorgasbord of seafood and colorful local life, the market is a particularly photogenic place to capture candid moments and local culture — just watch for the hours it’s actually operating if you’re after the best shots.

For the more adventurous gastronome, there are plenty of places to eat, away from the ceviche stalls, which are now such a tourist cliché, but not so well-known to visitors. One local favourite, Captain Bahia Panama, took us to an area with dozens of small stands, where locals flocked for lunch. True culinary secrets. Note: this article was originally published at Honest Food Talks.

Photography tip: The captivating photographs are usually discovered in uncharted territories. Make sure to have your camera handy for those enchanting moments.

To sum, if you plan smartly and are mindful then Panama City makes for a fun, safe and enriching overnight stop whether you are a solo or family traveler. With the proper preparation and awareness, you can make the most out of your short stay in the flourishing city. Remember that the clue is to blend caution with curiosity and safety with adventure.


Is Panama City a destination, for women traveling alone?

Generally, Panama City is safe for solo female travelers, especially in major tourist areas like Casco Viejo. The safety advice is the same in Panama City as in any large city: Pick up only reputable taxi services or ride-sharing services like Uber to move around, especially after dark. It’s also safer to stay in well-reviewed hotels like Crowne Plaza Panama Airport. Keep valuables out of sight and keep a low profile so as not to draw attention.

What are the best accommodation options for families on a layover, in Panama City?

Panama City’s El Cangrejo district is also a good choice for families on an overnight layover: family-friendly hotels in this neighbourhood can be significantly cheaper than those near the airport, and staying in the city instead of at a peripheral airport hotel allows families to get a taste of Panama City culture and cuisine. The neighbourhood itself is widely seen as one of the safer parts of the city, too.

Where are the top photo worthy locations, in Panama City?

For photographers, Panama City presents numerous locations to do so. The Mercado de Mariscos is a nice place to catch some local life and the commotion of the seafood market, the Colonial Casco Viejo is another location and its overall appearance and colourful streets also offer great photographic potential. Between the fish market and Casco Viejo, down on the strip leading away from the Mercado de Mariscos towards the Bay, port and canal, there are some good places for photography as well – especially when looking back towards Casco Viejo with the boats in the foreground. Looking from the Casco side, they can be quite interesting. The best times for photography are always early mornings or late afternoons.

What is the ideal time to go to Mercado de Mariscos for the seafood?

It’s best to visit Mercado de Mariscos for fresh seafood in the early afternoon when some fish vendors start to close up around 4 or earlier, so you get the freshest catch, and the most activity and don’t forget that while it’s a must-visit for any seafood lover, the market is a lively – and operating – space, so be sure mindful of commerce in action…and local customs fChain.

Tips for Maximizing Your Stay in Panama City Overnight; An Handbook, for Solo Travelers and Families

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