Panama, a land of differences, where the vibrant city life of Panama City intersects with the serene beauty of Boquetes highlands presents an appealing choice for your upcoming travel destination. For those to surfing exploring quaint villages and experiencing a thrilling rafting trip on the Chiriqui River in the highlands of western Panama offers a refreshing escape from political tensions and constant travel warnings. Your family is sure to enjoy a sense of warmth and security during this 10 day journey.

What are some tips for a family to maximize their two day trip to Panama City?

Unveiling the magic of Panama City with kids; An Informative Handbook

Exploring the attractions of Panama City creates an experience, on your first day. The Panama Canal Museum, located in the Casco Viejo district is an institution that highlights Panamas important role in global maritime history. A new study conducted by researchers at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has shown that the Panama Canal impacts trade routes as well as the ecosystems in its vicinity. Families can delve into an enriching experience at the museums exhibits that highlight the history of how the canals were built and their profound impact, on international trade. Stroll through Casco Viejo’s charming streets, where colonial architecture meets modern cafes, providing an enchanting backdrop for family photos.

Are you searching for family architectural marvels in Panama City?

Make sure to check out the BioMuseo on your day. It’s a demonstration of contemporary architectural design crafted by the skilled Frank Gehry. The museum is well known for its architectural design and offers visitors a peek into the wide variety of wildlife found in Panama. According to research in the field of architecture Gehrys architectural style is believed to reflect Panamas role as a bridge, between two continents. The vibrant colors and unique shapes of the BioMuseo make for an exhibit that attracts people of all ages from adults to kids. The museum features a variety of exhibits that highlight Panamas ecology inside while its exterior is truly striking. End your day with a relaxing walk along the The Amador Causeway offers breathtaking vistas of the city skyline and the majestic Pacific Ocean making it a perfect place to unwind with your family and friends.

Where is the best place to find surfing spots for beginners visiting Boquete?

Where would you recommend beginners to surf, along the Panama Route?

When deciding on a surfing spot during your journey from Panama City to Boquete consider the wave conditions and the accessibility of the location. El Palmar is famous for its waves perfect for newcomers to surfing making it a great choice for those new to the sport. The gentle and consistent waves of El Palmars as noted in studies on oceanography are ideal for beginners who are just getting into surfing. Just a quick two hour drive from Panama City this coastal location offers surfing lessons and a chance to dive into the surf culture of the area. Opting for a spot ensures a warmer and closer surfing experience especially when holidaying with dear ones. Enjoy the tranquil beach setting of El Palmar is the blend of leisure and education.

Where is the best place to fully embrace the surf lifestyle and immerse oneself in the local town vibe, near Boquete?

For families seeking some excitement Playa Venao offers a chance to explore surfing and immerse themselves in the culture. Playa Venao, situated six hours away from Panama City is renowned for its waves for beginners in surfing and the vibrant local surfing community. Research indicates that the unique curvature of the bay at Playa Venao creates conditions for consistent waves that are perfect for surfing. Besides the crashing ocean waves Playa Venao also acts as a gateway to exploring Panamas culture. Spend time exploring local markets, cafes and the laid-back lifestyle, offering a deeper connection with Panama’s coastal charm.

How can you seamlessly fit a trip to San Carlos into your itinerary?

There’s a enough of a surfing culture here that people go to one of the expat towns in the region, like San Carlos to stop off. I know, because we have a small house in San Carlos, making this our halfway point. I decided on three massage-on-beach leisure days and surfing at San Palmar, a very popular beginning surfers’ beach. San Carlos is far from sleepy, but close enough to Coronado (a large beachy town that boasts lots of shopping and eating options) so that you can get all that if you want to and there are medical facilities in case of emergency. Coronado is also the closest beach town to the border, which was important for a new parent, even if we didn’t have a car there.

For any of you San Carlos strays planning to stay overnight, try to find a local lodging with family-type services, a place that allows you to stay warm, or have fun and relax with those bitches including the baby.

When would be the time to visit Boquete to experience its stunning beauty?

Panama’s Boquete is a world removed from the steamy coast of the country, residing in cool highland. The cool climate, hiking and lushness make it a perfect quick getaway. Getting there is a visual journey through the diverse topography of Panama winding through Veraguas and then into Chiriqui. Of course, there’s the downside of taking your sweet time to get there. Though, there’s a quicker way to journey to hideaway. Fly from Albrook to David and then drive — or catch a bus — to Boquete. Less time and even more highland beauty.

Spend 2-3 days exploring the coffee plantations and hiking and horseback trails around Boquete, a sleepy little town perfect for families to recharge from the ocean-side party pace.

What’s the best way to return to Panama City as you conclude your trip?

When your successful Boquete adventure comes to a close, you’ll need to think about how to get back to Panama City. Of course, you could drive back. You’ll certainly have a new appreciation for the view. You might want to check out flights back from David to Albrook though, if you have the time, the cash and a baby who won’t take too well to such a long drive.

Don’t forget to pause and make pit stops especially if you’re traveling with a baby. Ensure the safety, comfort and ease of access for your travelers, across Panamas terrains.

Although the itinerary is for a family of four over 10 days, it can serve as a good overview of a country that epitomises the best of South America’s diversity: part urban, part beach and part highland in a ‘piece of land hanging like a lace pad on Malinche’s chest’. 10-Here is the revised text;

Day Schedule for Panama City; 2 nights in Santa Catalina followed by 3 nights in Boquete and then back to Panama City for another 2 nights. On Day 1 you will arrive in Panama City. Get comfortable settling in. Consider making the most of the hotel amenities upon your arrival or venture out for some shopping or people watching. Day 2; Take in a city tour to discover Casco Viejo, San Felipe and the Aqua Museum. In the afternoon, visit the Smithsonian. By Day 3: Fly into David. Next embark on a two hour journey to Santa Catalina with the assistance of a local guide. Unpack and explore the beach. In the evenings you can enjoy snorkeling, surfing, fishing, diving, swimming and stargazing. Day 4; Explore Burco Puente, by taking a hike or bike ride to the nearby village meandering through picturesque valleys and quaint farms along the way. Stop for a picnic. Day 5-6: Ocean Safari: Delight in a full-day boat trip, stopping for ‘la playa blanca’ (white beach) and a scenic cove on Isla Coiba. On the day go for a bike ride and explore the nearby neighborhoods and coconut tree groves along the route. End the day with a dip in the sea. On the day make your way from Santa Catalina to Boquete, which should take around a couple of hours and then settle into your accommodation. Discover the wonders of Balboa Park indulge in a chocolate tasting experience embark, on a hike or rent mountain bikes for an adventurous outing. Day 9; Lets kick off the day with a local hike and camping adventure. We’ll hit the road bright and early heading towards a village known as Baru. Hike down and camp on the river bank. Relax that evening or go for a night walk. Day 10: Departure day.


How can you ensure a babys safety while traveling in Panama?

Panama is quite easy to travel with a baby—provided you stick to a few safety guidelines! When you’re in the Panama City area it’s best to opt for Uber or taxis for getting around. Local transport is often less safe. When you’re planning a trip to the beach or exploring towns it’s always a good idea to choose ones that are conveniently located near a hospital. Good options are El Palmar and Coronado. Remember to avoid driving at night when embarking on a road trip. And as with any trip with a little one, if you keep their comfort and routine in mind, all will be swell!

What are some fun things for families to do in Panama City if you’re there for a time?

When visiting Panama City with the family for a short stay, don’t miss the Museum of the Panama Canal in Casco Viejo – a great way to learn about the historical importance of the canal. The construction of the BioMuseo, designed by architect Franck Gehry is truly a sight to behold. We decided not to enter. We still had a great time without it.Taking a walk through Casco Viejo the historic district characterized by its colonial style buildings, winding streets and vibrant ambiance. Engaging in activities can be enjoyable for everyone without making it too much for family members who are accompanying a young child, on the trip.

Can you tell me where I can find spots for surfing suitable for beginners, between Panama City and Boquete?

El Palmar, closer to Panama City, is where you’ll find long, easy waves that are ideal for beginners bumbling along, trying to find their legs and won’t have to vie for waves in a sea of packed beaches. A little further away is Playa Venao, which is also blessed with some great beginner surf breaks. The icing on a lovely tropical cake? Both beaches are utterly stunning.

When is the best time to visit Boquete and what family activities can you enjoy while you’re there?

The best time to visit Boquete is between December and April. It’s the dry season and the weather is perfect for exploring coffee plantations, hiking the area’s easier trails and spending the day at local markets. The mellow nature of the town makes for a wonderful, tranquil family retreat or offers a change from the faster pace you’ll find in Panama’s more coastal locations.

Embarking on a 10 day journey from Panama City to Boquete with a surfing pit stop in, between

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