What are the places to visit during a 9 day trip, to Panama?

Tips for Making the Most of Your Three Day Trip, to Panama City

When you first arrive in Panama City make sure to embrace the vibrant combination of contemporary elements and rich historical heritage that it offers. Based on research conducted at the University of Panama it is clear that this city serves as a hub, for cultures, which is clearly reflected in its diverse architectural styles and culinary offerings. On your day take the time to explore the captivating Casco Viejo, a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll be amazed, by the blend of ancient and modern elements found here. The second day could be dedicated to the marvels of the Panama Canal, a feat of engineering that reshaped global trade. The Miraflores Locks Visitor Center offers an educational insight into this monumental project. For your final day in the city, indulge in the local cuisine. Panama City’s culinary scene is a fusion of indigenous, Spanish, and Afro-Caribbean influences, making it a gastronomic delight.

What to Expect in San Blas and El Valle de Anton

The San Blas Islands, where the Guna people live present a contrast, to the urban landscape of Panama City. The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute conducted a study that emphasizes how crucial these islands are, in safeguarding the Guna culture and traditions. The main emphasis lies in promoting sustainability and embracing simplicity. Experience the atmosphere of San Blas immersing yourself in the local culture gaining insights into their way of life and savoring the beauty of the untouched beaches. When you make your way to El Valle de Anton you’ll discover a sanctuary nestled within the unique volcanic crater that is inhabited by people as stated in a report, by the Panama Geological Institute. This region is well known for its range of flora and fauna which includes uncommon avian species and natural hot springs. Make sure to explore the markets and hiking trails during your stay, at the Golden Frog Inn. It’s an opportunity to experience the incredible variety of plants and animals found in this microclimate.

This exhaustive programme melds the urban — Panama City — with the cultural — San Blas — and the natural — El Valle de Anton, — composing a landscape of culture and nature for a well-rounded trip through Panama.

Where to Seek Authentic Experiences in Panama?

Explore the charismatic San Blas Islands, where you will be enveloped in the rustic charm of hammock-slung accommodations and no air conditioning, offering a truly authentic experience. When you visit San Blas be prepared for some adventures especially when its rainy season. This provides an opportunity to break away from the demands of living and reestablish a connection, with the natural world.

El Valle de Anton is a peaceful place to stay and explore, or to get out in the bountiful nature. Further to the west, the beaches closer to Rio Hato (at the Sheraton Bijao, Royal Decameron and Playa Blanca) offer more quiet relaxation and higher-end facilities. And Coronado, a beach and golf community, offers some of the cultural life of the locals and the expatriates.

How can one get around in Panama without relying on a car?

Though it’s a bit challenging to navigate Panama without a car at first, it’s a thrilling way to see the world! Use Uber and taxis for city exploration. For long-distance exploration, use a private driver like Shaun, who is reliable. If you are venturing out of Panama City, it’s best to rent a car; Panama is not a difficult place to drive in once you are out of the city. Just don’t drive at night. A lot of dangerous mountain roads don’t allow you to stop on the highway.

For San Blas Islands, a car and a boat are required. In case of such instances, opting for organised tours or Airbnb packages with transport encompassed can be a good idea so that there is no hassle in reaching the place.

What is the ideal timing to explore the destinations of Panama?

Choose when to go to Panama. Panama City is a year-round destination but visit a beach or El Valle when there are better weather patterns. The rainy season can interfere with ideal travel times especially in remote locations like San Blas. Stay updated on the latest news to hear of anything unexpected like road blockages suffered by some travelers and have a back up plan.

For wildlife and jungle experiences, Gamboa Rainforest Resort might be your best bet: here, you’ll find your sloths and your monkeys, nightly river trips, a different take on Panamanian wilderness.

What are some key guidelines to ensure an hassle free vacation, in Panama?

  1. Mastering Basic Spanish; Improving your ability to communicate can greatly enhance your travel experience particularly when exploring more secluded or distant locations.
  2. Keep yourself informed about the news to ensure you are aware of any local events that could potentially affect your travel plans.
  3. Stay flexible; Adjust your plans as necessary taking into account the weather and the conditions specific, to your location.
  4. When traveling to places like San Blas it’s important to take health precautions, such, as bringing mosquito nets and other relevant items.

To conclude, Panama offers so much variety from high rising, bustling cities to peaceful beaches and unspoiled islands. If you follow this guide carefully to Panama, packing according to the seasons, understanding and respecting the local currency, having a sense of good manners and respecting the diversity of Panamanian culture, I assure you that your journey through this Central American country will be a smooth and unforgettable one.


What are the top things to do in Panama City while I’m there?

Plan to spend at least three days in Panama City, go to the Casco Viejo (the historic old city of Panama), the Panama Canal and the local markets to experience the city’s history and culture. Uber and taxis are convenient ways to get around the city.

Where is the best place to stay in the San Blas Islands for a genuine experience?

Book your accommodation through websites such as Airbnb, if you want to get the real holiday experience in San Blas. You can put up in hammock-slung lodgings – the basic structures that accommodate local islanders – just as many other travellers do. Air conditioning is also a rare commodity, to add to the experience.

Which beach destinations, near Panama City are a must visit?

Further along just south of Panama City, a place called Rio Hato is home to such all-inclusive resort fusions as the Sheraton Bijao and Playa Blanca. For something a little more local yet still tourist-oriented, check out Coronado as a golf and beach community. Anywhere in Panama can be considered local – it’s the beach and related pastimes of vacationing.

What time of year should I plan a trip, to El Valle de Anton and what kind of experiences can I look forward to?

El Valle de Anton is good to visit at any time of the year. However, if one is looking for outdoor activity, then the dry season (mid-December to April) is a more favourable time to visit. Wet and rain triggers landslides and roadblocks, which could cause access restrictions. One should not be afraid of wilderness, but should be wary of it. Regarding the village, you can expect a thick vegetation, high biodiversity as well as a calm ambience surrounding you; an ideal place for those who love nature or want to get away from the hectic city.

What are the essential steps to get ready for an adventure, in the San Blas Islands?

Bring mosquito nets, waterproof bags, sun protection and be prepared for no adaptors, hot, sticky weather, basic banana-leaf-lined bathrooms, a sweltering boat with space for around 20 people, no ensuing sea sickness and a thirst for travel adventure. Check with the weather gods – flights and travel can be disrupted during rainy season.

Planning an unforgettable 9 day adventure, in Panama

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