What’s the best car rental plan for a trip from Panama City to Morrillo?

When planning a trip for the family, especially one that must encompass everyone’s interests, ranging from surfing to sightseeing, thorough preparation is a must, especially if you are headed into a foreign city, such as Panama City.The discussion of your car rental – one of the most important details for planning your journey – covers many points.

Renting a car in Panama City is a decision considering your familys makeup and the upcoming journey. The location and timing of your car rental can greatly affect your travel experience. Based on shared experiences and expert opinions, renting a car outside Tocumen Airport, such as in the Albrook area or along Via España, is advisable. This approach helps you steer clear of the traffic in Panama City possibly rescuing precious hours for you.

Opting for a rental service like Thrifty on Via España offers a balance of convenience and efficiency. Travelers have praised their customer service, reasonable pricing and convenient operating hours solidifying their status as a top choice. Renting a car on a Monday especially following a holiday such, as Easter is typically quite smooth since theres traffic at rental spots.

Looking for an convenient place to stay in Panama City?

What’s the best way to choose the place to stay in Panama City?

Finding the place to stay in Panama City goes beyond simply securing a spot to rest your head. Embracing the culture while prioritizing your comfort and convenience is key. According to a study published in the Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, the choice of accommodation significantly affects the overall satisfaction of a trip. In a city such, as Panama City, the array of choices available can indeed be quite daunting.

You can also look at distance from the attractions, if they are walkable, or transportation to get to them. Then look at ambiance of the neighbourhood, what makes this a place that you want to stay in: is it the street life, the restaurants or other reasons? You can look at El Cangrejo, which was the location where a lot of visitors used to look because the street life was great; you could walk out at night with no problems, there were plenty of restaurants and it was also geographically central for exploring the city. So you have to balance location with amenities. You want to see location, but then you also want to see other amenities. I once stayed in a petite room with no air conditioning or tap water; that would be awful in Panama’s tropical climate – instead, look for spacious rooms, high ceilings, air conditioning and Wi-Fi.

What are the best places to stay in Panama City?

When considering choices Torres de Alba stands out as a premier option. It’s more than a hotel; it’s like a home away from home. Families can savor the comfort of having their bedrooms cozy living spaces and fully equipped kitchens in this place. The presence of amenities like washers and dryers is a boon in Panama’s humidity, as noted by the International Journal of Hospitality Management.

One other excellent choice is the Tryp Panama Centro with modern conveniences, as well as a location in the heart of it all with easy access to the main attractions of the city. Equally comfortable is the Best Western Plus Zen, which adds rooftop pool and fitness center to the mix. Those needing top drawer luxury will be interested in the nearby Bristol Hotel with sumptuous suites and outstanding service.

When selecting the hotel where one wants to stay, the focus should be on not only the objective features – such as room dimensions and furnishings – which are more easily quantifiable, but also personal, subjective experiences – a sense of ambience and mood – that form part of the cognitive experience, which are not so easily measurable. This balance of logistical rationalisation and experiential placemaking is key to making one’s time in Panama City a lasting memory.

Tips for an Fun Trip to Morrillo Beach Eco Resort?

The trip to the Morrillo Beach Eco Resort is an adventure in itself. A variety of terrain on the 3 hours trip can only be safely tackled with a 4×4 vehicles. Especially if you travel near Morrillo, especially in rainy season when the road is full of construction and mud. You need a vehicle that can avoid the holes and next to the tracks that you can feel yourself after the bumps. You don’t want your family safety and comfort to look like they have been to a war.

Which beaches provide the surfing experience when you’re looking to catch some waves?

Photo supplied by the authorBecause of its length of coastline, there are many surfing spots in Panama. A good place is Morrillo Beach, resting in slightly wild, natural environment. Others are Playa Venao where the ambience is quiet with excellent surfing and also Santa Catalina, a bit nearer to of Coiba, specially recognised for surfing but also for an excursion.

Each spot offers a different ambience: Playa Venao for lazing on the beach and surfing; Santa Catalina for exciting excursions to wild places (a boat trip to Coiba National Park, the islands, a river cruise); Morrillo for raw nature. Depending on your family’s interests, you could opt to single out one spot or check out any combination of two or three.

Wrapping Up; Enhancing the Fun on Your Surfing Adventure in Panama City

As the author explains you and your family picked up a car at the airport. The rest of the trip was broken up with surfing adventures and drive back to see the family. I recommend to the reader to start planning the trip out to minutes by noting that getting a three-bedroom, three-bath house near the beaches of Morrillo is rather easy especially with an affordable rental car. With these steps in place you and the family can enjoy the beach and surfing life of Panama at a great price.


What are some ways to steer clear of traffic while renting a car in Panama City?

To avoid the congestion in Panama City especially when traveling to places like Morrillo it’s an idea to consider renting a car from spots, around Tocumen Airport. Opt for rental services in areas like Albrook or Via España. For instance, Thrifty on Via España is known for its strategic location that helps avoid the worst of the city traffic. Renting from these locations can help you save a lot of time especially when traffic is heavy.

Where’s the best place to stay in Panama City for an experience?

El Cangrejo is a great neighborhood for tourists in Panama City — it manages to feel authentically “local” while being ultra-convenient. For a comfortable, practical stay, Torres de Alba is the top pick. It’s a residential suites-style place and the rooms are basically small apartments with full kitchens and laundry facilities — super practical in the often brutally humid Panamanian climate. Tryp Panama Centro and Best Western Plus Zen are also solid options. For a much more luxurious place, consider the Bristol Hotel.

What kind of vehicle is best suited for a trip to the Morrillo Beach Eco Resort?

Given the often difficult terrain leading to Morrillo Beach Eco Resort, a 4×4 vehicle is highly recommended. Use it particularly if you are travelling during the rainy season – a handful of kilometres from Morrillo there are sections of road that are sometimes muddy and under construction. Going over rough patches in a 4×4 vehicle is the safest bet and can help make your trip more comfortable. Your entire driving experience in Panama will be safer and more enjoyable in a 4×4 vehicle.

What is the optimal time to hire a vehicle in Panama City?

Renting a car in Panama City is ideal especially following a holiday such as Easter during the weekdays, like Monday. During this period rental agencies are usually less busy. There is also lighter traffic in the city, which can help streamline and speed up the process. Additionally, choosing a rental service with flexible hours, such as Thrifty on Via España, can add to the convenience.

How does Playa Venao stack up against Santa Catalina when it comes to surfing?

Playa Venao and Santa Catalina offer different surfing experiences. Playa Venao is known for its laid-back vibe and has a mix of waves suitable for all surfing levels. This is a place to catch a break with time to relax and enjoy wave riding. Santa Catalina, on the other hand, affords the chance to surf some excellent waves and get your adrenaline pumping and is a gateway to further excursions if you include a trip to Coiba. This is the spot for adventure with a good dose of wave riding.

Navigating car rental smoothly. Having a fantastic family trip with surfing vibes in Panama City

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