Traveling to different places at any time always provides a thrill of discovery and enthusiasm. However, when political unrest—principally those like protests or demonstrations—is upheld, consideration of travel must be taken with a well-informed mindset. This guide is meant to answer and pinpoint what to see and where to go when you visit Nicaragua, particularly during this time of protest. From several accounts and updates, a detailed summary has been done to help you decide on your following travel plans.

What’s the Current Situation in Nicaragua, and How Does it Affect Travelers?

Whereas Nicaragua is known for its lush landscapes, vibrant culture and warm hospitality, the Central American country has recently attracted headlines the most because of political protests. Safety is now part of one’s concern while traveling within this country. Such rapidly escalating circumstances led the U.S. government to order the departure of U.S. government family members from Nicaragua and to authorize the departure of U.S. government personnel on April 23, 2018. This Ordered Departure status further underscores the gravity of the situation and offers definitive advice for travelers looking to visit in response to said recommendation.

For people who have already booked trips or are contemplating going, the foremost concern may arguably be that there is no way to predict where these protests will occur. Although some parts may look more insulated from the unrest, especially towards the north like El Manzano, the nature of demonstrations ensures that things can definitely spiral out of control fast and lead to blockades of your route, incredibly late at night or early in the mornings and coming to and from airports.

Reports available from both travelers and locals give off a varied landscape. Some have traveled without seeing any sign of protests while enjoying Nicaragua’s beauty and serenity. Meanwhile, other investors had realized higher tensions and had rumors of such escalated conflicts leading to the cancellation or rerouting of their plans. The core concerns were the possibilities of violent transformation of such protests, which is common in countries with long histories of political disputes.

Where can you obtain reliable updates and stay safe?

Information is essential to anyone traveling to or within Nicaragua at this time. The official U.S. Embassy website remains the hub of information, with updates from the Embassy continuing to issue advisories and recommendations for U.S. citizens. Local news outlets – especially those in Spanish – continuously report live on this situation. Ask for translations or use local English news sources whenever needed. Whoever is there and whoever is about to go should make connections with local contacts who can provide an on-the-ground experience that will prove invaluable. Services like private drivers, aware of the road conditions at the time and the routes that may be safe to travel, can add much more than the enabler for transport. Engaging with online communities can also provide updates and advice from those experiencing the situation first-hand.

  • Avoid airport travel late at night or early in the morning to reduce exposure to further risks from a worsened security situation.
  • Keep abreast of the latest news through the U.S. Embassy and local news sources.
  • Stay in regular touch with your local driver or tour operator so that he may inform you of the latest situation. Stay informed and make good decisions: develop and maintain situational awareness, have a communication plan, and establish a person who can interface between travelers and local organizations/contacts. Set up flexible travel arrangements; that is, do not pre-book hotels and be able to change your flights if necessary.
  • Whether or not to travel to Nicaragua is a matter of personal decision, which could be best addressed if you have taken information beforehand. Here are some steps to guide you in these decisions: Assess Situation – Check updates from reliable sources from your country and locally. Any situation can change within seconds. Assess your risk tolerance: Every person has a different tolerance level. Consider the level of comfort you are prepared to have concerning these vulnerabilities to the protests.
  • Look for Other Places: There are other places in Central America where you can enjoy an almost similar experience but with better stability.
  • Be Flexible: If you have to go traveling, make sure you do it with a spirit of flexibility. You do have to adjust your plans as and when things change.

In summary, while Nicaragua remains beautiful and has much to offer, the current protests have added a layer of complexity to travel plans. With proper information, necessary precautions and gauging one’s risk, any individual can be in a better place to make his travel plan decisions with all sanity; after all, safety should be paramount. You may be thinking of traveling to Nicaragua at this time, or you believe an order must first be placed. Still, one thing is true: good information will help you make decisions concerning travel without any worry.


How Can Travelers Stay Safe During Protests in Nicaragua?

It’s essential to stay well informed via reputable news sources and the U.S. embassy updates to remain safe during protests in Nicaragua when visiting the country. Avoid traveling late at night and early in the morning when there is less movement. It is also better to arrange local and reliable persons for the airport transfers.

Where to Stay in Nicaragua Right Now Safest?

The northern areas like El Manzano are safe. But then again, when protests could erupt in different parts of the country, it would be best not to travel during the witching hours. Get real-time updates by always remaining in touch with your accommodation.

How Are the Protests Shaping Up in Nicaragua?

At present, the situation is very fluid and can easily change. With certain pockets cooling down after the government’s move to withdraw the contentious reforms, all remain on a razor’s edge. So, check local news and embassy advisories frequently for the latest updates and information.

When should you take a final call on traveling to Nicaragua?

Decide the same only a day or so before your travel date—this way, you will have access to the recently updated information about the situation and take an informed call accordingly.

Staying Safe in Nicaragua Amidst Protests: A Comprehensive Guide

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